10 Back-Hand Mehndi Designs That Are Awesome

Mehndi is a traditional art used on every occasion especially during Karwa-Chauth. And there are many ways of designing mehndi art. The advantage of mehndi art is that it can be created at home even by amaeurs.

Here’re 10 mehndi designs, you can try at home or get designed by a professional

  1. The beauty of this backhand mehndi design is that it looks like an ornament covering the wrist and the middle finger. The remaining fingers and the thumb are also adorned with miniature designs. It can be compared to a bracelet extending towards the middle finger and joined with the miniature design on the middle finger.
backhand mehndi design

The miniature designs created at the fingertips and on the tip of the thumb look like crowns or rings. This design will suit the light skin tone most and you will need dark mehndi to create this design. The darker the mehndi, the more beautiful the design is.

  1. It is an exclusive design as it is more like a piece of jewelry than an artwork. The design starts with creating a motif on the middle finger and then runs down the finger to the back of the palm where a full-circle flower design is created but it isn’t the end of the design as there is more artwork to do.
exclusive design

Like a piece of jewelry, the design is also tied to the wrist with strings of henna. When complete, it looks like a piece of hand jewelry. On drying, the golden color of the henna will resemble gold and make you feel as if you are wearing a golden ornament.

  1. It is a modern design with a tribal touch. As it stems from the wrist and covers half of the hand and extends towards the little finger, it gives the feel of a tribal block design, but you can call it modern.
modern design

If you look at the design, you will find that it underlines the thumb and the adjoining three fingers leaving the little finger that it covers from root to the tip. It isn’t a wedding or anniversary design, but you can wear it every day especially when going out with friends and family. Also, you can wear this design with jeans and a rugged top.

  1. It is a full hand Arabic design and it is exclusively for weddings and anniversaries. The way it is designed, it looks attractive and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it can fade even the gold ornaments. It starts from the middle finger and covers hands from inside and outside.
Arabic design

The carefully designed leaves, creepers, and flowers cover the hand but at the same time, leave ample space to reveal skin tone and wear more accessories to complement the mehndi art. Here dark mehndi is used for creating the outline and regular mehndi to fill the design from fingertips to the wrist.

  1. It is a purely modern design as it ditches the features found in traditional designs. It uses geometric figures to create the design instead of leaves, creepers, and flowers. Here everything from motifs to extension is designed in a geometric shape.
purely modern design
purely modern design

The design starts from the tip of the middle finger and then extends to the back of the hand where it is expanded into a full-blown geometric design. The back of the hand is filled before extending the design towards the wrist where the wrist is covered with a bracelet design. Finally, the design is extended a little over the arms.

  1. It is a heavy Arabic design extending from fingertips to half of the arms. And it fills hands from both sides. Since it is a heavy design, it is more suitable for wedding ceremonies. Brides and bridesmaids can try this design to complement their dresses.
heavy Arabic design

The beauty of this design is that it has heavy use of leaves, creepers, and flowers but it doesn’t look messy. It covers almost half your hand but leaves ample space to reveal the color of your skin. One more thing that can be said about this design it requires professional training to create a non-messy-heavy design.

  1. Oh! It is a modern-looking Arabic tattoo that even you can design on the back of your hand using a henna cone. And it is a painless job. You won’t have to pinch your skin with a needle to make a tattoo.
modern-looking Arabic tattoo

Just have a close look at the design and try creating it on the back of your hand. It starts from the index finger and then extends to the back of the hand and then to the wrist. The design has leaves and flowers. Since you have plenty of space to create the design, you can keep it non-messy.

  1. It is a peacock design and it is exclusive. You will have a beautiful peacock sitting on your hand with its head on your wrist. You can see its beak, eyes, and especially the crown on the head. Its tail extends to the index finger.
peacock design

It is an exclusive design as it features all important details. Miniature patterns are also designed on the fingers. You won’t wear this design regularly but during special occasions when you want to highlight your presence.

  1. Another Arabic design but different from what we discussed above. Here the focus is on expansion. Every detail is expanded to the fullest instead of mixing many miniature designs to cover the hand. It also starts from the index finger and extends towards the arm.
Arabic design1

The design consists of big flowers, creepers, and leaves. The beauty of the design is the visibility of detailing. You won’t have to squeeze your eyes to see the detailing.

  1. Oh! It’s beautiful. It is a heavy studded mehndi design exclusive for brides. It is exclusive and expensive as well. You can see the beauty of the design from its colors and understand that you will need a trained and experienced mehndi artist to create this artwork on your hands.
studded mehndi design

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