10 Best Teeth Whitening Gels You Can Use At Home

It is only with the help of a teeth whitening gel that you can get sparkling white teeth just like those of models in toothpaste advertisements. And you need to go for expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome teeth-whitening treatments as you can treat your teeth with whitening gels at home.

What is a whitening gel?

It is a gel containing a whitening ingredient like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. During treatment, the ingredient enters the enamel on teeth and changes the chemical structure of the discolored molecules responsible for tooth discoloration.

For teeth whitening, you need a dental tray of the size of your teeth. You can get a custom-made tray from your dentist. Fill the tray with the whitening gel and wear it over your teeth.

Note down the important steps for whitening your teeth using a gel at home:

Step One: Brush your teeth to clean your teeth as much as possible before starting the whitening treatment.

Step Two: Fill your dental tray with the required amount of gel and wear it over your teeth. Be careful about the right amount as the excess gel will slip into your mouth and cause burns, irritation, and irritation.

Step Three: Remove the tray after the recommended duration as keeping it over your teeth for excess time will only cause problems.

Step Four: Check your teeth for any residue on your teeth. The gel could leave its marks on the teeth. You need to remove the residue with a tissue. Never swallow the gel or rinse your mouth thoroughly soon after the treatment.

Step Five: Avoid foods and drinks that could stain your teeth for a while after the whitening treatment.

Now that you know what a whitening gel is and how to use it at home, you can shop around and buy one for the following whitening gel products for home treatment.

  1. Zero Glow Teeth Whitening Gel

Compatible with all dental trays, it gives value for money. Also, its strong formula with 44% carbamideperoxide gives quick results. You get It won’t increase sensitivity or leave a bitter aftertaste. And it has no drawbacks.

  1. Smile Actives Power Whitening Gel

Pair it with your toothpaste and whiten your teeth as you brush them. Its polyclean technology produces an ultra-fine foam that can cover all teeth for a thorough whitening. It contains no artificial colors and is free from alcohol, detergent, and paraben. But it needs some time to show results.

  1. Whiter Smile Labs Teeth Whitening Gel

It is a 38% strength carbamideperoxide gel formula that stays in the tray and teeth without creating any messy leaks on your gums and tongue. For treatment, it carries 5 extra-large syringes and a precision gel dispensing tip. It promises 6-10 shades of white teeth in 7-8 days of treatment, but the results could be inconsistent.

  1. Bleach Pro Whitening Teeth Whitening Gel

It promises to remove even the toughest stain from coffee, tobacco, and red wine with its 44% carbamideperoxide strength formula. Also, its high viscosity makes it more reliable. It can stay on the tray and teeth for a long-time without leaking. But those with tooth sensitivity might feel a burning sensation with this high strength formula.

  1. MySmile Teeth Whitening Gel

It promises a 10-shade improvement with regular use and for best results, the company suggests using the MySmile Teeth Whitening LED Light Accelerator that is an added investment. It is considered safe for sensitive teeth but could irritate sensitive gums.

  1. Ultra White 22% Teeth Whitening Gel

It is a gentle gel that is safe for gums. Also, it can remove stains as old as 20 years. Available in 5 large tubes, it works like any other teeth whitener with results visible in a couple of days of use. But it could trigger sensitivity.

  1. Go SMiLE Teeth Whitening Gel

It will meet your oral care routine as it can be paired with any toothpaste and you can use it on both electric and manual toothbrushes. If used regularly, it can whiten your teeth up to 7 shades in regular use after a month. It is sensitivity-free but doesn’t give immediate results.

  1. Pro Dental Teeth Whitening Gel

It uses a potent formula of 35% carbamideperoxide strength that can bring your smile back within 7-10 days of use. Packed in 8 syringes of 3 ml each, it lasts for 48 treatments. It is a pH-neutral gel that can remove even the most stubborn stain. Also, its safe formula makes is suitable for use veneers and caps. But it has an unpleasant aftertaste and it gives inconsistent results.

  1. Philips Zoom DayWhite Teeth Whitening Gel

It is a 14% hydrogen peroxide sensitive-relief gel formula packed in 3 gel syringes of 2.4 ml each. The formula gives excellent results in minimum wearing time. It is for you, if you want amazing results without having to wear your gel tray for a long-time. But it contains alcohol and expensive as well.

  1. Expert Whitening Maximum Strength Teeth Whitening Gel

Made with 35% carbamideperoxide and glycerin, it is the strongest teeth whitening gel available in the market. Available in a pack of 6 syringes with each syringe delivering up to 3 treatments, the pack would last for 18 treatments. Its metal tip makes it convenient to apply the gel. It is free from fillers but its high strength could burn sensitive teeth.

Whitening treatments work well and they are generally safe but you should be aware of side effects like sensitivity and irritated gums.

• Your teeth could become more sensitive after initial whitening treatments but the sensitivity will gradually reduce over time. If the sensitivity persists, you can talk to your dental surgeon.

• A whitening gel could trigger gingival irritation on coming into contact with your gums. The irritation is unpleasant but it subsides when the treatment is over. But you should be careful about the product used.

What is the longevity of a whitening treatment?

Depending on your teeth whitening brand and the care and hygiene you maintain, your teeth whitening treatment could last up to 3 years or more.

Disclaimer: Home teeth whitening treatment works well but you need to be careful about the side effects of teeth whiteners.

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