10 Bestselling Tissue Sheets And Their Uses

If your skin is oily then you should use blotting paper to remove excess oil from your face. Excess oil could shine on your face. Also, it could allow impurities to set on the skin. But it can be removed from the skin without disturbing the makeup.

Buy any of the 10 blotting sheets and use them to remove the unnecessary oil from your skin.

  1. Pleasing Care Natural Premium Oil Blotting Sheets

A single tissue of this product is large enough to cover the full face and cleanse the entire face of excess oil. Its soft and gentle linen bamboo fibers absorb excess oil completely. Also, they can regulate the shine without requiring powder. Available for all skin types, these tissues neither clog pores nor do they smudge makeup. Also, they come in a convenient dispenser style.

  1. Palladio Rice Paper Tissues

If you want to use powder after cleaning your face with tissue paper then buy these issues. They have oil blotting sheets on one side and powder on the other. First, you can remove the excess oil from your face and then turn the sheet to touch up your makeup with powder. And this two-in-one design comes in travel-friendly packaging. Also, you will get a choice in color – Warm, Translucent, and Beige.

  1. Schön Natural Oil Blotting Sheets

Made of 100% natural material, these blotting sheets could be called a true environmentally friendly product. They have the pulp of wood and hemp that provides a clear matte complexion and help fight acne as well. Also, the tissue sheets are enriched with essential nutrients that pamper the skin after absorbing the excess oil. You will get 100 sheets in a pack and they come in travel-friendly packing. But they are more expensive than others.

  1. NYX Professional Makeup Matte Blotting Paper

You won’t need any powder or color if you are using NYX Professional blotting paper. Made with 100% pure pulp paper, these tissues provide complete treatment of oily skin. They will remove oil, grease, dirt particles, and pollutants from your skin. It is a truly vegan formula that is affordable as well. You will get 50 tissue sheets in a pack but these thin sheets could stick together.

  1. Boscia Black Charcoal Blotting Linens

If you are looking for tissue sheets that you can carry in your pocket then consider buying Boscia Black blotting sheets. They have natural abaca tree fiber that can absorb excess oil from your face by smudging the makeup. Also, it will detoxify and purifies your skin pores. After use, you will feel lighter and healthier. But the paper feels too thin when used and it is quite expensive as well.

  1. Goiio Oil Blotting Sheets

Grab these gentle tissue sheets that contain soft linen fibers that can absorb excess oil, sweat, dirt, and other impurities from your face in one attempt and without disturbing your makeup. Your face will get back the shine when all the impurities are removed and that too without clogging the pores. It is suitable for all skin types and is available in a travel-friendly pack. And it has no drawbacks whatsoever.

  1. Tatcha Original Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers

If price isn’t a concern for you, then these blotting sheets could be a better choice. They have all-natural abaca fibers and 23K gold flecks that clean the skin with excess oil and other impurities with unparallel perfection. You will get a lustrous shine and clear matte finish. Also, they are individually packaged for convenience and made biodegradable.

  1. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Facial Blotting Sheets

If you are looking for tissue papers that are perfect for daily use then buy these tissue sheets. They will soak excess oil and remove the unwanted shine from your face. Also, you will like the silky and soft touch of these tissue sheets. Since the material used in these sheets is highly absorbent, you won’t find any impurities on your skin after cleansing your face with a tissue sheet. But it could clog pores and remove some makeup with oil.

  1. Live Fresh Natural Oil Absorbing Blotting Sheets

If you are looking for blotting sheets that are quick in working and that enrich your skin with essential nutrients then consider buying LiverFresh Natural blotting tissue sheets. They can absorb all excess oil from your face and enrich the skin as well. They contain green tea extracts that will supplement your skin with antioxidants that will prevent the development of free radicals. Another reason for buying this product is the money-back guarantee provided by the manufacturer. Also, they are made environment friendly.

  1. DHC Blotting Paper

These blotting papers can do wonders for your skin as they contain highly absorbent hemp fiber that can suck all excess oil and other impurities. Since it has no traces of powder, you can rest assured that it won’t smudge your makeup while removing the excess oil from your face. Also, a single pack contains 100 sheets that will make your pack long-lasting.

More uses of blotting papers

• If you want to give your glossy lipstick a mattifying effect, you should absorb the access lip color with a blotting sheet and get the right effect.

• Got your makeup transferred on your phone screen while making or receiving calls, remove those makeup traces from your phone screen with blotting paper.

• Blotting papers can also be used as an alternative to dry shampoo. You only need to press the tissue paper on your scalp to absorb the unwanted grease and dirt from your locks.

• Blotting paper is good for making foundation instead of setting powder that could leave its traces on your face after it is used.

Tissue sheets could be used in many ways but their primary use is to remove excess oil and impurities from the skin. Also, they come in handy as you can dispose of tissue paper after it is used. And it is easier to use tissue paper than any other product like blotting powder.

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