10 Dresses To Wear On Your First Date

If you are preparing for your first date, you will be more than excited to choose a dress that reflects your true colors and your love for your boyfriend. But your focus would be on avoiding mistakes. You won’t allow any wardrobe malfunction that can spoil your first date. While it is good to be cautious but you should also have some good dressing ideas in mind.

For example, a denim skirt with a simple tank can do the job. Or you can choose a long dress. One more thing to keep in mind is accessories like bags and clutches. You need a complete dress that you can put on and get ready to go out on a date.

Consider These Dresses For Your First Date

  1. Hazel Jumpsuit
Hazel Jumpsuit

If you aren’t a dress-wearing type person then you should try this Hazel Jumpsuit. It is both effortless and attractive. Its playful print radiates optimism but you will need a cozy cardigan if it is a winter date. With this jumpsuit, you can wear slides or even flip-flops. Also, there is little need to worry about makeup as nude makeup will go well with this romper. This lightweight dress will make you feel healthy on your first date.

  1. A Matching Top And Skirt Set
A Matching Top And Skirt Set

A matching dress complete with necessary accessories can take the stress out of planning. A matching top and skirt set with all accessories are just perfect for drinks or dinner. A ribbed top and skirt matched with delicate sandals make a complete dress. In accessories, you can choose a mini bag for carrying your personal belongings like makeup products. You will need light makeup, especially on your lips and eyes to complete your look.

  1. A Bodycon Or Slip Dress
A Bodycon Or Slip Dress

If it is a casual date, you can consider a bodycon or slip dress with a leather jacket. In footwear, you can choose either converse or white shoes. For accessories, you can wear a matching scarf and carry a medium size shoulder bag. To get ready, you can put your tresses up in a bun and dab some lipstick. If you want, you can even wear some hair accessories and throw on black goggles.

  1. Ruched Puff Sleeve Poplin Midi Dress
Ruched Puff Sleeve Poplin Midi Dress

This puff-sleeve dress looks classic but it has modern vibes. Its advantage is that it provides freedom to choose footwear and haircut. Also, it will make you feel simpler and lighter. The printed fabric and wavy design of the dress will do magic on your first date. You can choose a blue and white floral print or any other print that you like most or that matches your theme. Another advantage of this mini dress is that it will make you appear a little longer.

  1. Maxi Dress
Maxi Dress

If you are going to a movie on your first date, you should choose a dress that makes you comfortable while you take your seat in a movie theater. A humble one-piece flowing maxi dress is just perfect for a movie night. Or you can try black jeans and a white shirt. Also, you will need some pieces of statement jewelry to improve the overall look and feel of your dress.

  1. Rosanna Knit Polo Dress
Rosanna Knit Polo Dress

It is a knit collared dress and its advantage is that it will give you sporty-chic energy. It is ultra-comfortable and stylish as well. Also, it can be accessorized with statement jewelry and other accessories. If you want to get a sporty look, you can wear a cool pair of sneakers and make a ponytail. But if you want to look casual, you can wear sandals and carry a mini purse to complete your look.

  1. A Midi Dress and Sandals
A Midi Dress and Sandals

If you don’t mind showing a little more skin on your first date, you can try a midi dress that will start just below your neckline and finish just above your ankles. You will be cute in this mid-dress and some statement jewelry pieces. In footwear, you can choose matching sandals. This dress is suitable for long evenings when you plan some shopping before going to a hotel for a dinner. Also, it is effortless to wear.

  1. A Little Black Dress
A Little Black Dress

If you are looking for a form-fitting dress that looks charming then consider a little black dress. It is a classic dress that you can accessorize with designer shoes and a bag. Black pumps blend well with this dress. Also, you can take a clutch or a side body bag. And you don’t have to worry about styling your hair as a cute bun will match well with the dress. Also, you shouldn’t forget to wear light makeup.

  1. Joggers/Side Stripped pants
Joggers Side Stripped pants

Pretty is simple and if it is your first date, you should keep it as simple as possible so you look pretty. The advantage of joggers is that they feel airy and breathable. They are effortless as well. For the top, you can even pick a plain t-shirt that you can tuck in. In footwear, you can choose converse footwear. And you will be surprised to know that you don’t have to wear heavy makeup with this dress.

  1. A T-Shirt And Jeans
A T-Shirt And Jeans

This dress is anything but boring especially when it contains modern detailing like padded shoulders and corseted waist. Also, you have more options like a buttoned crop top. In short, jeans give multiple choices in tops. Similarly, you can choose footwear. With jeans, you can wear sneakers or wedges. But the biggest advantage of this dress is it requires few accessories. It is for the time when you want to look and feel carefree.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a dress for your first date will become exciting if you know which one to choose and why. Depending on the theme of your date, you can choose a dress and matching accessories and get ready to have a great first impression on your boyfriend. The only precaution you need to take with your first date dressing is to avoid dressing overly.

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