10 Exciting Wedding Color Ideas And Combinations For 2022

If you are looking for a themed wedding then you should first choose a dress so you can easily decorate the venue to match your dress. And there is little to worry about wedding dress ideas. Depending on your color choice, you can choose a dress, jewelry, and makeup. And there are plenty of options to choose from.

  1. Fuchsia Pink Color Combination
Fuchsia Pink Color Combination

This hot pink color is both cheerful and celebratory. And it looks amazing when coupled with gold. The bride all dressed in pink looks gorgeous and the groom in a traditional Indian suit with gold has got a touch of pink to match the theme. Also, the groom could choose a suit with fuchsia square pockets.

  1. Blue Color Combination
Blue Color Combination

The shades of blue could be a better choice for your wedding as it provides multiple shades from sky blue to tea and turquoise to aqua colors. You can choose a shade and find its combination like blue and white. For an outdoor affair, you can choose rose gold, tan, or taupe.

  1. Orange Color Combination
Orange Color Combination

Orange is a warm, welcoming, and vibrant color best suited for contemporary weddings. But modern brides prefer an orange-and-blue combination. It is in trend, especially with the coming of age weddings. Since you can incorporate this color in everything from the background to the seating arrangement, you can get breathtaking visuals.

  1. Purple Color Combination
Purple Color Combination

Purple is the undisputed leader in wedding colors because it sets the mood right and provides infinite options. For example, purple can be used in combinations with tangerine, yellow, or even ombre. Similarly, color combinations can be used to highlight bridal dresses and flower decorations.

  1. Peach Color Combination
Peach Color Combination

If you want to make your wedding like a fairytale then consider a peach color combination. It will set the mood for a sweet, sophisticated, and elegant affair. Combine red to mute the subtleness of peach or you can use bold red to take the graceful peach a notch up.

  1. Red Color Combination
Red Color Combination

Red is an all-time favorite because it allows spicing up the color with amazing combinations like red and gold, red and green, red and satin, red and lime, red and pink, and so on. You can work out more color combinations that are both elegant and dashing. Depending on your choice, you can even go with diminishing shades of red like an ombre effect.

  1. Gold Color Combination
Gold Color Combination

Gold is the only color that works beautifully as a standalone color as well as in a combination. When used in combination, gold makes things look lavish, luxe, and gorgeous. Depending on your choice, you can go for a monotone pattern or experiment with neighboring colors like pastel or pink. Or you can make it completely bold and preppy.

  1. Navy Blue Color Combination
Navy Blue Color Combination

Navy blue is an optimum choice especially when you are unable to choose a color for your wedding theme. And you will be surprised to know that eclectic navy blue and fuchsia pink combination is in trend these days. Also, you have the option to use navy blue with accents of gold, silver, or other colors for shine and sparkle.

  1. Yellow Color Combination
Yellow Color Combination

Yellow is a festive color and when used with red, it becomes a true wedding color that gives a vibrant, bright, and beautiful aura to the celebration. Since yellow goes well with most of the bold colors, you can combine it with almost all shades of red. And rest assured that the outcome will always be knockout.

  1. Off-White And Pastel Color Combination
Off-White And Pastel Color Combination

If you are looking for a romantic theme for your wedding, you should experiment with off-white like ivory with hues of peach, pastel, and golden. You can even add edgy or neon colors based on your outfits and location.

Choosing wedding colors is part of a big puzzle called wedding arrangements. But there are ways to keep things simple. If you don’t have a specific choice, you can take inspiration from the season. If you are getting married in summer, you can follow the colors and color combinations of flowers blossoming in the summer season.

Summer Weddings Color Combination Ideas

Summer Weddings Color Combination Ideas

Look at the seasonal flowers in your part of the world for inspiration. List the colors you like most and narrow down your choice by exploring shades from a color pallet. For example, soft and soothing colors compensate those colors with a mix of bold and delicate hues to compensate for the summer brightness.

Winter Weddings Color Combination Ideas

Winter Weddings Color Combination Ideas

If you are looking for colors for a dreamy and whimsical winter wedding then you should choose gold, blue, pastel, or pink. Also, you can add colors like red, fuchsia, tangerine, brown, golden, or yellow to add some warmth to your primary shades.

Just like your attires, you should also be concerned about your skin tone. First, determine your skin tone. In warm skin tone, the veins appear warm and they appear blue in cool skin tone.

Wedding Color Ideas For Lighter Skin Tone

Wedding Color Ideas For Lighter Skin Tone

Sorbet, glossy, raspberry, or choose a shade of pink to give a soft touch to your skin tone. Or you can choose emerald, navy blue, royal blue, magenta, pomegranate, teal, turquoise, or mint green if you love brighter shades.


Avoid colors that could make you look washed out. For example, never allow red and orange shades to be over-the-top. They could be overwhelming.

Wedding Color Ideas For Wheatish Skin Tone

Wedding Color Ideas For Wheatish Skin Tone

Choose brighter shades like tangerines, coral, golden, yellow, peach, glossy, and hot pink. You can even try shades of red and blue.


Avoid using ash gray, taupe, beige, galaxy colors, and shades of green as they look dull and muted.

Wedding Colors For Deep Skin Tone

Wedding Colors For Deep Skin Tone

Mint, paste, peachy pink, and other warm tones could make olive and deeper skin tones look radiant. If you want a little heavier shade, you can add burnt orange, coral, and other colors to the base color.


Avoid colors that are over-the-top and bold. For example, a fierce red or neon could be unsuitable for your skin tone.

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