10 Health Benefits Of Jumping Jacks Exercise

Jumping jacks is an ideal exercise because it works for the whole body. Also, it is good for your heart, muscles, bones, and even brain. It can help in weight loss, improving flexibility, building stamina, and relieving stress.

Let’s discuss the benefits of jumping jacks and the right way to do jumping jacks

  1. Healthy Heart
Healthy Heart

Oxygenated blood flows from the heart and carbon dioxide-loaded blood flows towards the heart. In jumping jacks, the heart works faster to meet the oxygen requirement of the body. In other words, jumping jacks exercise the heart muscles and keep them healthy in the long run. The slow and steady jumping jacks exercise safely improves heart muscles. It makes the heart pump blood faster without coming under pressure.

  1. Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Exercising helps in weight loss because it turns the body into a fat-burning machine. When you exercise, you burn more calories than you have consumed. And it is what you do in jumping jacks. The slow movement makes your heart pump more blood and your body burn more fat. The advantage of jumping jacks is, it is slow, allows ample flexibility, and puts no pressure on the body and mind. Doing 3 sets of 50 reps once a day is sufficient to achieve your weight loss goal.

  1. Improved Coordination
Improved Coordination

In jumping jacks exercise, you shift your body weight from one limb to another. You have all your limbs working together and in coordination. Also, your brain does fast processing to maintain a fine balance between your limbs. Practicing jumping jacks exercise will develop a rhythm in your movement. It will strengthen the balance and posture. The result of the jumping jacks exercise will be visible in your personality development.

  1. Stress Buster
Stress Buster

Jumping jacks exercise can relieve stress in a short time as it stimulates the entire body including the brain that releases the hormones your body needs to drive the stress away. Jumping jacks allows the brain to release the “feel-good” hormone, serotonin. Also, the blood stimulation increases the release of adrenaline that makes you feel excited. Together both hormones can lower stress and make you feel happy and healthy.

  1. Warm-Up Exercise
Warm-Up Exercise

Jumping jacks is a good warm-up exercise as it works for the whole body. It will stretch your muscles and help them relax as well. And you will be surprised to know that it works for all body parts including facial muscles, core, back, hips, and limbs. A set of 30 reps of jumping jacks is more than sufficient to get you ready for your regular warm-up exercises. It will bring your body and mind to an active state you need to start your activities.

  1. Whole-Body Exercise
Whole-Body Exercise

Jumping jacks includes jumping up to a comfortable height, spreading your legs more than your shoulder width, stretching your hands up, and landing softly on the floor. You keep your back straight and your neck in a natural position to avoid falling. Also, you stay alert so as not to come under any shock. In other words, you work for your all body and muscles including hamstrings, glutes, chest muscles, back, and calves. It is also a good exercise for the knees, shoulders, and hips.

  1. Improve Flexibility
Improve Flexibility

Your flexibility level is directly related to your everyday activities. For instance, if you don’t lead an active life, there are little chances of your flexibility level being high. Jumping jacks can help improve your flexibility as you will make your whole body to work together. And it is more beneficial for improving flexibility because it is a low-intensity exercise that will activate your muscles slowly. You can start with low-intensity jumping jacks and increase the intensity as you get the confidence.

  1. Tone The Muscles
Tone The Muscles

Low muscle tone could create weakness in muscles leading to slow and absurd body movements. But the condition can be improved with exercising like jumping jacks. And jumping jacks is the best exercise for building muscle tone safely and gradually. Doing low-intensity jumping jacks is a great way to build your muscle tone. You can do this exercise at home and without any formal training or supervision. Also, you can do it at any time of the day.

  1. Improved Stamina
Improved Stamina

In jumping jacks, you lift your body and then land slowly and safely on your feet. And you do the exercise faster. The best thing about this activity is that you will love doing it fast. You will start with low-intensity exercise but increase the intensity while doing the activity. It will increase your confidence and stamina. The only thing you need to do is to improve reps per set and increase the number of sets per day to build stamina and stability in your body movements.

  1. Strong Bones
Strong Bones

Jumping jacks is a simple exercise but it has multiple benefits. It improves heart health, flexibility, and bone mineral density as well. Once you start doing jumping jacks, you will feel healthier, stronger, and happier. The slow movement of your body will work fast for your bone health. And the results will be seen in the long run when you will respond strongly to pathogens and stress. Since you can do this exercise without looking for any kind of professional help, there is little to fear about this exercise.

Jumping Jacks Types

  1. Front Clap Jumping Jacks
Front Clap Jumping Jacks

• Stand straight with your feet closed and your hands extended in front of your chest and palms closed.

• Jump and split your legs and hands to sides. Your hands should make a straight line with your shoulders.

• Bend your knees slightly and then again jump back to the starting position.

  1. Alternating Jumping Jacks
Alternating Jumping Jacks

• Stand straight with your feet closed and hands by your side.

• Jump and take your right leg in front of your left leg and bend your knees a little. Also, move your right hand up and push the left hand slightly behind to make balance.

• Jump back to the starting position and switch the leg to complete a rep.

  1. Plank Jacks
Plank Jacks

• Come down on your four. Your bodyweight should be on your forearms and legs stretched to the back and resting on toes.

• Strengthen your hand support to start the exercise that is to jump and split your legs and then again bring them together to complete a rep.

Variation in jumping jacks will help build strength, stamina, and stability. Since it works for the whole body, it will certainly improve your overall health.

Disclaimer: Jumping jacks is a good exercise but you need to be careful while doing this exercise. It is better to do the exercise under the supervision of a physical trainer.

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