10 Kolam Designs For 2023 Pongal

Pongal is a four-day harvest festival starting January 14. Primarily it is celebrated in Tamil Nadu but in modern India, it is celebrated across the country. While the agrarian community celebrates the festival in villages, the modern families working in IT companies, doing business in other states, and government servants celebrated the festival where they live.

History Of Pongal

Devoted to the Sun god, it marks the beginning of a six-month-long journey northwards (the Uttrayanam). The festival dates back to 2,000 years when the entire community was agrarian and people used to worship the Sun god to bless them with a good harvest that they can sell in the market and get a good return.

The Importance Of Pongal

The real meaning of the festival is to forget the past and look forward to the future. The Sun god travels northwards and gives sunshine. The Sun shows the way to go forward. It is a four-day festival that people celebrate with much zeal and fervor.

The celebrations start with welcoming god to homes. Families decorate their homes with flowers to welcome the gods. It is day one when the preparations are made for the following days. The first day is reserved only to welcome the deity.

The second day is for puja or a ritual where everyone is involved in worshipping the deity. It is a big festival hence people take leaves from their work. They remain in their homes to perform the special puja. The puja starts early in the morning and continues till midday.

The third day is for playing with colors. But it isn’t a Holi-like celebration. People color their cattle with different colors. Sometimes they compete with each other in coloring their cattle. Children also become excited about coloring cattle.

The fourth day is for a big feast where all the village people come together and enjoy the food. They wear new clothes and seek the blessings of their elders. It is a big day in their life and they want to make it as memorable as they can. The festival comes to an end with the hope that they will come together again the next year.

Modern Day Pongal

Kolam or Rangoli is the most important part of the festival. Every home has kolam and people try making their rangoli as colorful as they can. People living in cities also make rangoli in their homes. And they think of new ways of making rangoli. If you turn the pages of history, you will find innumerable ways of making rangoli.

For example, some people seek the blessings of the Sun god with rangoli. Also, they show their pleasure in celebrating the festival with colors. There are many ways of making rangoli but people try to make their rangolis different from others.

How To Make Rangoli?

For making rangoli, you need an idea like a square design, circular rangoli, flower kolam, and star kolam. It looks easy at the beginning, but it is a time-consuming job. While there are ways to make rangoli with stickers but it is better to create a design. Or you can use a stencil but it is better to try your art.

When To Design Kolam?

Design the kolam on the first day of the festival. Also, you can change the design as the festival continues. How you design your kolam depends on you, but you can create a better design with the help of colors and ideas. For ideas, you can look on the web or learn from your seniors.

In villages, kolam is designed under the guidance of seniors. Children also take part in kolam designing and it won’t be wrong to say that they are the most excited of all. In cities, kids can design rangolis in their rooms. There are plenty of ways to design rangolis. If you want to design a rangoli, you can start today.

Here’re Some Kolam Or Rangoli Designs For Pongal Starting January 14

  1. Sun Design
Sun Design

It is the first design and it is dedicated to the Sun god. It shows the Sun rising above the horizon and traveling northward to complete its six-month journey.

  1. Pot Design
Pot Design

It is a simple design in which Happy Pongal is written in English but you can change the language to local. It is also a popular design.

  1. Pongal Inside Flower
Pongal Inside Flower

This design looks beautiful as it gives a message. You are welcoming the deity into your home and offering your prayers. You will need to decorate the design with flowers.

  1. Farmers Pongal
Farmers Pongal

This design features two earthen pots filled with harvests and two palm trees. It is also a beautiful design you can create in your home. It shows your happiness about the festival.

  1. Sunrise Pongal
Sunrise Pongal

The Sun is seen rising and blessing people with all its might. You can also see an earthen pot filled with harvests kept as an offering to the god.

  1. Twin Peacock Pongal
Twin Peacock

It is called peacock design. Here you see two peacocks coming together concerning god. But it will be difficult to design two peacocks without any help.

  1. 3D Peacock Rangoli
3D Peacock Rangoli

It is the most beautiful design for modern homes. It is called 3D design due to the colors. It looks dynamic when seen from a distance. It features a peacock dancing on Pongal.

  1. Mattu Pongal
Mattu Pongal

It is an agrarian design that you will find mostly in rural areas. It features two oxen and a pot filled with the harvest. Since oxen are used for harvesting a crop, they are considered important in the festival.

  1. Village Pongal Kolam
 Pongal Kolam

It is a different design as it features four pots kept in a square. Also, the pots are filled with colors. The Sun god is also designed at the center of the square.

  1. Flowerstar Pongal
Flowerstar Pongal

It is the most beautiful design as it features more flowers and colors. An earthen pot filled with the harvest is kept at the center and the design is improved with flowers.

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