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Every woman dreams of becoming a beauty queen but only a few of them could fulfill their dream & become most beautiful Miss World. You can read their stories and get inspired.

Here’re the top 10 winners of the most beautiful Miss World beauty contest.

Current Miss World 2019 – Toni Ann Singh

Current Miss World 2019 – Toni Ann Singh

Born: 3 February 1996, Jamaica
Height: 1.67 m (5 ft 6 in)
Occupation: Singer

Toni Ann Singh is the longest-reigning Miss World since December 2019 and she will crown the Miss World 2021 at the 70th anniversary of the pageant. The event is expected to be held on 16 December 2021 in Puerto Rico.

Graduated with a degree in women’s studies and psychology, Toni Ann Singh is the fourth Jamaican woman after Lisa Hanna (Miss World 1993) and the first black woman to win the title since Agbani Darego of Nigeria (Miss World 2001).

Miss World 2018 – Vanessa Ponce de León

Miss World 2018 – Vanessa Ponce de León

Born: 7 March 1992, Mexico
Height: 174 cm (5 ft 8 in)
Occupation: Educationist

Vanessa Ponce de León was only 22 when she won the first beauty contest that gave her a cash prize of Mex$300,000, a modeling contract with Queta Rojas, and a Volkswagen Tiguan. It was Mexico’s Next Top Model. She continued her journey to a beauty contest and won her second big title, Miss Mexico 2018, and then the biggest title, Miss World 2018.

Miss World 2017 – Manushi Chhillar

Miss-World-2017-–-Manushi Chhillar

Born: 14 May 1997, India
Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
Occupation: Model, Actor

Manushi Chhillar is the sixth Indian to win the title but it is one of the many facets of her personality. Few people know that Manushi Chhillar is an excellent Kuchipudi Dancer and she also attended the National School of Drama to learn acting. In beauty, she was first crowned Campus Princess 2016 sponsored by Fashion Big Bazaar. Afterward, she won Femina Miss India and then the Miss World title. She also worked in a couple of movies after winning the title.

Miss World 2016 – Stephanie Del Valle

Miss World 2016-–-Stephanie-Del-Valle

Born: 30 December 1996, Puerto Rico
Height: 178 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Occupation: Musician, Model

Stephanie Del Valle is the second woman from Puerto Rico to win the title after Wilnelia Merced (Miss World 1975). And this beauty queen speaks three languages – Spanish, French, and English. She is also good at studies as evident from her educational background. She studied law and communication. Before entering the pageantry, she was the muse to the fashion designer Carlos Alberto of Puerto Rico.

Miss World 2015 – Mireia Lalaguna

Miss World 2015-–-Mireia Lalaguna

Born: 21 November 1992, Spain
Height: 1.77 m (5 ft 9 in)
Occupation: Model, Actress

Mireia Lalaguna is the first Spanish woman to win the title but it wasn’t the first beauty title she won for her country. She also represented Spain at the Miss Atlántico Internacional 2014 pageant and won the title for her country. But this beauty queen also has an intelligent brain behind her pretty face. She speaks four languages – Catalan, Spanish, French, and English. Also, she is a bachelor’s in pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Beauty Queen 2014 – Rolene Strauss

Miss World 2014-–-Rolene Strauss

Born: 22 April 1992, South Africa
Height: 1.77 m (5 ft 9 in)
Occupation: NGO Worker

Rolene Strauss is the third South African woman after Penelope Anne Coelen (1958) and Anneline Kriel (1974) to win the title. But she won the first beauty contest the Elite Model Look South Africa competition 2007 at the age of 15. She then went to become Miss South Africa 2014 and Miss World 2014. By profession, she is a medical student of the University of the Free State and she works as a chairperson of a non-profit organization, The Strauss Foundation.

Miss World 2013 – Megan Young

Miss World 2013 – Megan Young

Born: 27 February 1990, United States
Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Occupation: Television Host

Megan Young is the first Filipino to win the title and she’s quite confident of winning the title since her early days. She is a popular actress, model, and television presenter. And before entering the Miss World contest, she won the Miss World Philippines 2013 that further boosted her confidence. It seems that she was preparing for the Miss World contest since her early days as she was more focused on the reality television show StarStruck. She has also worked in many television serials and movies

Miss World 2012 – Yu Wenxia

Miss World 2012-–-Yu Wenxia

Born: 6 August 1989, China
Height: 178 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Occupation: Singer, Television Host

Yu Wenxia has been a popular singer, model, television host, and actress before winning the title. Also, she’s the second Chinese woman after Zhang Zilin (2007) to become Miss World. Before going for the Miss World title, she had won Miss China 2012 title. Born to farming parents, Yu Wenxia is the second daughter of her parents. She dreamt of becoming a singer since her childhood. Her parents also learned Chinese Folk Music at Harbin University

Beauty Queen 2011 – Ivian Sarcos

Beauty Queen 2011 – Ivian Sarcos

Born: 26 July 1989, Venezuela
Height: 1.80 m (5 ft 11 in)
Occupation: Model

Ivian Sarcos is the sixth woman from Venezuela to win the title but this beauty queen had a sad past. Orphaned at the tender age of 8, Ivian Sarcos was brought up by nuns and caretakers in a Convent in San Carlos. But she was passionate about fashion since her childhood. Ivian Sarcos competed in Miss Venezuela 2010 and was crowned Beauty Queen Venezuela and the Most Beautiful Face Award. Her spirits always remained high and helped her win one title after another

Beauty Queen 2010 – Alexandria Mills

Beauty Queen-2010-–-Alexandria Mills

Born: 26 February 1992, United States
Height: 1.74 m (5 ft 8 in)
Occupation: Model

Alexandria Mills is the third woman from the United States to win the title. But she was preparing for this title since she was in eighth grade. According to her school counselor, Alexandria Mills had a modeling profile during her school days. Also, she was very outgoing and confident, recalled the counselor. Alexandria Mills wanted to become a teacher. She is a vegetarian and had a keen interest in landscape photography.

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