10 Types Of Stress Balls To De-Stress Your Body And Mind

Feeling stressed, grab a stress ball and start playing with it. You can squeeze, roll, and throw the ball at a wall. It will bounce back to you. And if you don’t have a stress balls, you can buy the best one. They come in attractive shapes, sizes, colors, and features.

Here’re 10 varieties of best stress balls available in the market

Splat Balls

Best Splat Balls

It is a soft and sticky ball that makes a “splat” sound when thrown at a hard surface like a concrete wall, wooden door, glass table, and even tiled floors. If you hit this ball against a wall, it will come back to you making a “splat” sound.

Splat Balls are good for spending free time with colleagues or alone. People like the “splat” sound the balls make and the way they bounce back. Their shape changes when they hit a hard surface but they quickly retain their original shape.

Koosh Ball

Best Koosh Ball

When Scott Stillinger was designing a soft ball for kids, he would have little idea that his ball will be used as a stress reliever. He made a soft toy by tying a few rubber bands to the rubber core for kids. It was a ball that made “koosh-koosh” sound on hitting hard surfaces.

The Koosh Ball became a hit among kids and adults. For kids, it is a toy, but for adults, it is a stress reliever. Also, the ball has been improved from the original classic design to the Koosh Ball as it is known today.

Squeeze Balls

Best Squeeze Balls

Squeeze Balls are good at absorbing stress as is evident from their high sale and uses. Easy to squeeze even with one hand, these balls can draw stress from your body and mind and make you feel relaxed. For example, you can squeeze the ball with your left hand while writing notes with your right hand.

Available in varying colors, designs, and sizes, Squeeze Balls are quite easy to use. They can be carried in the pocket, kept in drawers, or placed on the work desk for quick use. You can go in relaxing mode while squeezing a ball.

Chinese Health Balls

Chinese Health Balls

Chinese Health Balls have been in use for 600 years for medical reasons. They press acupressure points in their hands to draw stress from the body and mind. In Chinese therapy, the position is called Chi or Qi where the user feels completely relaxed.

First, you should try rolling the balls with fingers and they on palms with the help of fingers. Soon you will learn to move the balls effortlessly on your palms. You can keep your Chinese Health Balls at home or office to drive the stress away.

Talking Stress Balls

Best Talking Stress Balls

These stress balls talk. They give a message that will boost your confidence and uplift your mood. Simply press the balls at a specific place to listen to the message. Also, squeeze the balls to de-stress your body and mind. When negative thoughts overcome your mind, you need a few words of encouragement. It is when these balls can provide real help.

Talking Stress Balls are popular due to their dual feature. They can squeeze the stress out of your body and mind. Also, they can boost your morale and confidence with a positive message.

Best Foam Stress Balls

Attractive Foam Balls

Foam Balls are made of regular polyurethane foam that makes them ultra-soft and squishy. And they are so convenient to use that you can squeeze them even during meetings. Small size allows one-hand operation and polyurethane foam allows convenient use. Also, they are more affordable than others.

Available in a wide range of colors, these balls can often be used as decorative pieces to upgrade the look and feel of work desks. You can keep a ball in your office drawer and one in your bedroom drawer to de-stress your body and mind after a long day at work.

Water And Gel Balls

Water And Gel Balls

These balls are different as they contain both water and gel. They are soft but firm in design. Also, they change color due to gel. Available in a wide range of colors, these balls could give you quick relief from unnecessary stress and tension. Whenever you are stressed, you can grab a water and gel ball and start squeezing it with one hand or with both.

You have more options in these balls. For example, you can buy a ball with gel beads or glitter. Or look for more interesting and attractive options like balls covered with fabrics.

Best Puffer Stress Balls

Best Puffer Stress Balls

These balls are stretchy from the outside but airy inside. And they come in a variety of designs like animal shapes and Critter Puffs that have tentacles. You can even find extra-large super-sized puffer balls for squeezing and de-stressing. These balls stretch, bounce, squish and get squeezed even with one hand.

Add a puffer ball to your work desk for quick de-stressing during tea break or to take a relaxing break from a stressful monotonous job. Also, adding a couple of puffer balls to your work desk will improve its look and feel.

Best Porcupine Stress Balls

Best Porcupine Ball

Just squeeze these balls to feel the difference in your stress level. They are soft and they have a positive effect on the body and mind. They are called porcupine balls because they have flexible rubber points. You can squeeze, roll, or toss the ball to your co-worker. Playing with these balls is an entertaining way of de-stressing your body and mind.

Available in attractive colors and sizes, these balls can add more colors to your work desk. Just having a look over these balls could bring a smile to your face. Whenever you feel stressed, you can grab a ball and start squeezing it.

Therapy Balls

Best Therapy Ball

If you want to strengthen your hands while relieving stress then you should buy a therapy ball. It is a little denser than a regular ball but you can squeeze it with one hand. It has dual benefits – strengthening hand movement and de-stressing the body and mind.

Disclaimer: Stress balls are used for de-stressing the body and mind but there is no medical proof that these balls have a de-stressing effect.

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