12 Eye Soothing Exercises Recommended By Baba Ramdev

Eyes are the most valuable of all gifts by nature but they need care. If you take care of your eyes, you won’t face any problems with your eyesight. Baba Ramdev, the spiritual guru from India, has some good suggestions for your eyes.

Baba Ramdev is a renowned yoga teacher with a special focus on yoga therapies for curing illnesses. The yoga guru recommends the following exercises for the eyes.

  1. Eye- Rotation- Up and Down
Eye- Rotation- Up and Down

It involves moving your eyes constantly to relieve muscular strain. It keeps the eyes healthy and improves vision as well.

How To:

• Sit down with your back straight and legs stretched out
• Place your hands on your knees and make a thumbs-up gesture with your right hand
• Fix your gaze on the right thumb and slowly move the gaze upwards while keeping your neck straight
• Again bring the gaze down to the thumb
• Do it 10 times with both thumbs with a 15-second break between each rep

  1. Eye-Rotation- Sideways
Eye-Rotation- Sideways

It involves moving eyes towards the sides and it is good for people suffering from vision problems like myopia and hypermetropia.

How To:

• Sit down in Padmasana with your spine and head straight
• Stretch your arms forward, clasp your hands, but keep your thumbs up
• Fix your gaze on the thumbs and move the thumbs in the middle of the eyes
• From here move the thumbs first to the right and then to the left
• Follow the thumb movement with your eyes without moving your head
• Repeat it 10 times with a 15-second break between each rep

  1. Eye-Rotation- Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise
Eye-Rotation- Clockwise and Anti-Clockwise

It relaxes eye muscles and prevents vision problems. It is a good exercise for people working on computers.

How To:

• Sit down in Padmasana with your spine and head straight and your hands in yog mudra
• Raise your right hand, open the thumb, and fix your gaze on the thumb
• Now rotate the thumb five times clockwise and anticlockwise
• Follow your eyes with the thumb movement
• Repeat it with the left thumb

  1. Palming

Palming is a quick and easy way to relax your eyes, improve blood circulation, and reduce puffiness.

How To:

• Sit in a comfortable position on a mat or chair
• Rub your palms vigorously to generate heat
• Close your eyes and place your palms over them
• Feel the warmth in your eyes
• Do it a couple of times a day

  1. Trataka

It involves gazing at a fixed object for a substantial time. It improves concentration and vision. Also, it cures myopic vision problems.

How To:

• Sit down comfortable in Padmasana or on a chair
• Fix a candle about two feet from your eyes
• Light the candle and fix your gaze on the flame
• Keep gazing for as long as you can
• Try to increase your gazing time
• Do it once or twice a day

  1. Bhastrika Pranayama
Bhastrika Pranayama

It improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, and even refreshes the body and mind.

How To:

• Sit down in Padmasana with your back and head straight
• Close your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale and exhale forcefully with your left nostril
• Feel your abdominal walls billowing with force
• Do it 20 times with the last breath longer and more profound
• Relax for 30 seconds and repeat it with the left nostril

  1. Kapalbhati Pranayama
Kapalbhati Pranayama

It has multiple benefits including cleansing lungs, flatter tummy, improved vision, and lustrous hair. It is a powerful exercise that involves inhalation and exhalation in rapid succession.

How To:

• Sit comfortably in Padmasana with your hands in yog mudra
• Focus on your lower abdomen and close your eyes
• Make a quick inhalation followed by quick exhalations
• There should be 8-10 per inhale-exhale in 1-2 seconds
• You can rest your back on a wall and put your left hand on your abdomen for convenience

  1. Bahya Pranayam
Bahya Pranayam

It is a breathing exercise with benefits for the whole body. It boosts blood circulation and cures disorders related to reproductive organs. Do it empty stomach for better results.

How To:

• Sit down in Padmasana with your spine and back straight
• Take a deep breath and empty your stomach with a forceful exhalation
• Hold your breath and lock your chin to your chest
• Squeeze your belly inwards until it comes close to your spine
• Hold the groin muscles upwards and hold the pose for 10-15 seconds
• Release and try increasing the holding time

  1. Anuloma – Viloma Pranayama
Anuloma – Viloma Pranayama

It is another breathing exercise with alternate breathing with both nostrils and it is quite helpful in boosting blood circulation and overall health.

How To:

• Sit in Padmasana with your hands in yog mudra
• Raise your hand right hand, close the right nostril with the right thumb, and inhale with the left nostril
• Now close the left nostril with the middle finger of the right hand and exhale from the right nostril
• Do it 10-15 times and try to increase the time

  1. Udgeeth Pranayama
Udgeeth Pranayama

It is a meditation exercise involving chanting of ‘OM’. It involves inhalation and exhalation for a long duration and relaxes the body and mind.

How To:

• Sit in Padmasana with your hands in yog mudra
• Inhale a deep breath and exhale with ‘OM’
• Increase the exhaling time to as long as you can
• Repeat it and try increase the exhale time

  1. Agnisara Kriya
Agnisara Kriya

The exercise aims at cleansing the fire chakra located on the belly button.

How To:

• Stand with your legs hip-width apart and spine and head straight
• Take a deep breath, bend your knees, bend your head, and exhale
• Pull your navel up towards your spine and count 10-15
• Flap your abdominal muscles forward and backward 10 times

  1. Shavasana

It is a relaxing pose where the body and mind come to a relaxing position for a while. You should practice this pose after the exercises.

How To:

• Lie down on your back with your legs stretched out and hands by your side
• Close your eyes and inhale and exhale deeply
• Relax your body and mind while taking a deep breath

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to do yoga exercises only under the supervision of a teacher.

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