13 Amazing Fruits You Will Love Eating

Think of fruit and you will visualize the fruits you have eaten or you know about. There are many fruits that could be new to you and you will certainly want to try these fruits once you know about them. For example, take Buddha’s Hand that is used as snacks and Jackfruit that is more like a meat supplement for vegetarian dishes. 

Here’re 13 most popular fruits of the world 

1. Sugar Apple

Sugar apple is widely cultivated in West Indies or tropical Americans on the Annona squamosal tree. It is called sugar apple, custard apple or sweetsop due to its creamy white flesh and sweet custard taste.

2. Cacao

It gives cocoa beans for chocolate but it is also a delicious fruit to eat. It has seeds covered with edible white flesh under its yellowish orange exterior cover. You need to crack open the fruit to get the seeds.

3. Rambutan

Part of the soapberry family, this red and hairy fruit has white sweet flesh. It received its name from Malay word “rambut” that means hair. Rambutan is native to Indonesia but it is also found in other tropical regions of South-East Asia.

4. Buddha’s Hand 

This fruit has fingers protruding from the base and it is used for religious offerings in Buddhist temples. It is a citrus fruit found in bright yellow in color but has no juice or pulp. The Buddha’s hand is used for making a variety of snacks.

5. Carambola

It is a juicy and tarty fruit replete with many antioxidants. It is also called star fruit because of its star shape it gets when cut into slices. Carambola is native to South-East Asia.

6. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is native to India but it is the national fruit of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. And it is becoming popular in the west. Western people like its pork like texture. Also, jackfruit is a great substitute for meat in vegetarian dishes.

7. Cashew

Cashew is a nut great for both snacking and cooking. Native of Brazil, it is a vibrant fruit grown on cashew tree.

8. Jabuticaba

Jabuticaba also called Brazilian grape tree is a dark-purplish berry like fruit rich in antioxidants. Whether you eat it raw or turn into jam or jelly, it will be a great addition to your diet.

9. Horned Melon

Native to Africa, horned melon is a valuable source of water in dry seasons in the Kalahari Desert. It is a yellow fruit known by different names like Kiwano and African horned cucumber.

10. Longan

It belongs to the soapberry family and resembles an eyeball. A native to Southern Asia, it is very similar to lychee and rambutan.

11. Yellow Dragon Fruit

A native to South America, this fruit comes with a bright yellow exterior. But its extract is white and translucent flesh that tastes sweet. Also, it has tiny black seeds that can be eaten.

12. Mangosteens

This reddish-purple fruit is rightly called “Queen of Fruits” because it packs a pulpy flesh with sweet, tangy and fragrant notes. This flesh is white in color. It is native to South East Asia.

13. Durans

Durans is a large fruit growing up to one foot in height. Also, it has a strong odor. It is more popular in Thailand where it is used as pizza topping. Also, it is added in candies and chocolates.


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