15 Blue Flowers You Will Want To grow In Your Home

Blue is the color of peace and tranquility. Also, it conveys love and affection. It is a cool color that soothes tired eyes and tensed nerves. If you want to gift a flower to a friend then choose the blue color. If you want to beautify your front garden, grow blue flowers.

Here’re the 15 most popular beautiful blue flowers plants of the world

Beautiful Blue Hydrangea Flowers

Beautiful Blue Hydrangea Flowers

Blue hydrangea looks more beautiful than others because of its color variations that develop according to the alkalinity of the soil. It could be a rich blue color or a subtle shade of powder blue or sky blue. And for this reason, this flower can give more choice in blue shade. Depending on the depth of your feelings, you can choose the right blue shade.


Delphinium Flower

It got its name from an ancient Greek word that means dolphin. It is a dolphin-shaped flower widely used for ornamental purposes. Its rich blue color makes it more attractive. Even butterflies and other pollinators get attracted to this flower. Commercial flower vendors use it in cut flowers and floristry. It has even received the Award of Garden Merit from the British Royal Horticultural Society.

Beautiful Blue Dandelion Flowers

Dandelion Flower

This flower is believed to be originated some 30 million years ago in Eurasia and the ancient people used it as an herbal food. Also, there is a historical record of the flower being used by some earlier civilizations of Egypt, Greek, Roman, and China for its medicinal benefits. Also, ancient cultures and folklores talk about this beautiful flower.

Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth Flower

A native to Eurasia, these urn-shaped flowers resemble a bunch of grapes. And the sight of these small bulbs is simply breathtaking. While they are mostly found in woodlands and meadows, they are a common sight in lawns, borders, rock gardens, and even small containers. People love these flowers because of their shape and color variations ranging from pale blue to dark blue.


Clematis Flower

A popular flower among gardeners, this variety is widely used for covering walls and lawns. It can scale up walls, fences, and other structures. Also, this flowering plant can go through shrubs, trees, and other plants. Experienced gardeners can even train the flowers to cover specific areas like lawns and patios. And it is possible to grow this plant round the year.


Bluestar Flower

Native to North America, the flower was first found in 1788. It was named Amsonia in the honor of a renowned American physician John Amson. And the members of this group are called bluestars due to the rich blue color they have. They blossom in clusters and look fabulous on lush green bushes and leaves.

Beautiful Blue Bell Flowers


As the name suggests these are bell-shaped flowers but they have one more distinction. The leaves of this plant alternate and they often vary in shape even on a single plant. The leaves are large at the stem and they become narrower as towards the upper stem. Called by different names like harebell in England and bluebell in Scotland and Ireland, the plant is found in the annual, biennial, and perennial varieties.

Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower

Native to East Asia, it is a perennial plant commonly known as the balloon flower. It gets the name from its balloon-shaped flower buds. It is recognized by its dark green leaves and blue flowers that often blossom in late summer. But its most notable feature is its bud that swells like a balloon before blossoming into a beautiful flower.


Aster Flower

Aster is called “star” in ancient Greek terminology and this flower resembles a true star in design and shine. Popular as a garden plant, this species offers a wide variety of colorful flowers ranging from blue to white. There is hardly any shade that isn’t available in this species.

Morning Glories

Morning Glories Blue Flowers

Morning glory is the name given to a family of almost 1000 flowering plants and as expected from the name, the flower blossoms early in the morning. And they get younger when they receive full solar exposure. The first flower of morning glory was noticed in China and used for medicinal purposes, but today they are used for decorative purposes.

Beautiful Blue Hibiscus Flowers

Blue Hibiscus Flower

Found in tropical regions across the globe, the hibiscus flower is widely used for landscaping. And it looks quite attractive in the blue shade that could vary from rich blue to powder blue. Since it is available in different colors, it is used in different ways in culture and traditions.

Impatiens Flower

Impatiens Blue Flowers

Distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere and the tropics, this flowering plant is known by surprising names like jewelweed, touch-me-not, snapweed and patience. But people in British Isles call it busy lizzie and in American literature, busy lizzie is referred to as policeman’s helmet.


Iris Blue Flowers

Iris is a perennial plant growing in drier climates. It received its name from Greek mythology which means rainbow. Recognized by its long and erect flowering stem, it is a prime ornamental plant growing from bulbs. And it is often a subject of art and culture like poetry, painting, and photography. The flower of iris plant unfurls from spring to early summer.

Violet Flower

Violet Flower

It is a beautiful heart-shaped flower with a rich history. Since it is a perennial flowering plant, it is used for gardening purposes. It has blue color but the shade is a little different from other blue flowers in the world. Some of its family members are annual, and some members are found in small shrubs. It provides gardeners a wide choice.


Blue Flowers

It is a large trumpet-shaped flower with intense blue color that makes it more attractive. Found in temperate regions of Asia, it has multiple uses like medicinal, and beverages. But these flowers are more valued for their intense blue color. They are truly ornamental flowers great for lawn and interior decoration.

You can buy a plant and grow it in your front garden or even in a container but keep its basic needs like soil type and blossom time in mind. Also, the homegrown flowers can be used for making a bouquet to gift a loved one.

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