15 Products You Must Buy If You’re Visiting The US

America is the beautiful destination to visit and it’s quite popular for branded products because of its makeup brands such as Marc Jacobs, Glossier, Kat Von D, and Makeup Forever. The year 2019 has to come and you’re ready to welcome your new year with new branded products.

It’s time to look out the best American products which you should buy to add best brands in your make up box.

If you’re the one who has no enough budget to visit America don’t worry you can buy all right now by visiting their official websites. Let’s start shopping, right?

  1. Milk Makeup Cooling Water

Milk Makeup Cooling Water

It is Glossier’s cool product to gently hydrate your sensitive skin. The caffeine ingredients support micro circulation cooling water stick’s energizing and restorative Powers for your eyes. It is a cooling, de-puffing gel stick pack food stimulating caffeine and soothing seawater for the energized skin. Its cost is $24.

  1. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Is an Ultra luxurious bronzer has a blend of Murumuru butter for a radiant and supple skin? It give incredible creamy and soft tissue with the combining feature of powder and bronzer. It delivers tropical glow which has been packed with essential fatty acids provitamins and moisturizing skin to make it glowing. Its cost is $14.95.

  1. Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

It is a spray moisturizer that boosts hydration and glowing complexion. It has been enriched with Botanical oils and healthy skin elements which delivers highly efficient hydration and even ultimate glow. It is a product that is not irritating, Dermatologist-tested and free from synthetic fragrances. It is a solution for dryness and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Its cost is $48.

  1. Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation

The Person who love high-definition, long-wearing foundation and Luminous finish Must buy this product because it is an Aqua Foundation with a lightweight texture that increased coverage, sweat resistant oil resistance, and their weight loss base to hydrate skin and get a flawless complexion. It is perfect for all the skin tags and gives you a natural finish. Its cost is $70.

  1. Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

Lips generally want intense care and master that could be possible why does beauty brand because it’s specially enriched with moisturizing and handcrafted ingredients that work for your lips to make it hydrated to leave smooth, soft and healthy lips. It is manufactured with Agave nectar and jojoba oil that intensive recover your lip and replenish moisture. Its cost is $26.

  1. It’s 10 miracle leave-in Product

It's 10 miracle leave-in Product

It’s a product that keeps your hair smooth and silky it also detangles, minimizes stress and prevents split ends. If you ever stuck while brushing your hair and feel difficult to out the comb this product is ready to help you, sir, you can buy it easily at $18.

  1. Cle de Peau Beaute concealer

Cle de peau beaute concealer

It is a magic eraser that can hide your dark circles’ blemishes and leave your skin with a fantastic glow. It delivers long-lasting, full coverage and pigment-free face even it gives you proper finish with out of heavy look it leaves your skin with a smooth and seamless finish. It is available in 6 different Shades according to the skin types. Its cost is $70.

  1. Belif The true Cream moisturizing Bomb

Belif The true Cream moisturizing Bomb

It is a formula that gives ultra-lightweight, instantly cool and freshness to the skin. It contains a blend of Herbs and antioxidants that neutralize the skin and prevent free radicals. This also minimizes the appearance of pores refreshes Skin by adding weight loss moisture that leaves your skin with healthy, smooth, supple and firm appearance. Its cost is $38.

  1. Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid

Josie Maran Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation

It is a Dermatologist tested and clinically proven brand to smooth and hydrate your skin. It is a Perfect Combination of quality ingredients that leave your skin with vibrant glow and medium to full coverage and provide 100% pure natural glow by removing skin blemishes. It has been enriched with pure Argan oil and nutrients rich pigment that gives breathable, lightweight and moisturizing properties to leave your skin with smooth and going texture. Its cost is $45.

  1. Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer

Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer

To add Matte look for the face and provide immediate hydrating plus moisturizing effects to your skin so must order this because it has a creamy, lightweight and matte formula that adds instant Glow to your skin it quickly and easily gives nourishing and clear skin and now available in two Shades neutral bronze and deep bronze. It is 100% vegan. Its cost is $24.

  1. Boscia Detoxifying black cleanser

Boscia Detoxifying black cleanser

As we everybody knows for healthy glowing skin how much detoxification is important so this is the product that generally creates smooth Luminous and clarified healthy looking complexion it has activated charcoal in vitamin P that gives radiant appearance. It has no artificial fragrances and gluten it provides anti-aging and antioxidant protection that keep your skin always not even toned and glowing. Its cost is $30.

  1. Stellar Face Sculptor contour Highlighting Palette

Stellar Face Sculptor contour Highlighting Palette

For the brilliant eyeshadow palette, it will be the best option that gives universally flattering, natural looking and molded definition. It is an advanced technology that gives perfect glow silky Shades and gently melts on the skin. Its every palette contains two blaming highlighters That Give multidimensional Sheen and illuminating to all skin tones it is paraben free and give enhance features. Its cost is $37.

  1. Epicurean Kuki coconut after Bath moisturizer

epicurean kuki coconut after bath moisturizer

It is a perfect round to add moisturizer to your full body because it is the favorite beauty products by Kim Kardashian that help with psoriasis. It is a wonderful body lotion that gives your skin intense moisture and leave it with smooth and gently looking healthier. Its cost is $68.50.

  1. Lancôme Absolute powder

Lancôme Absolute powder

It is the product that has been specially formulated for enhancing the structure level of the skin. It leaves your skin with replenishment energy that gives smooth texture it generally designed to restore the essential moisture of the skin and retains the appearance of youthful, firmness and radiance. It is a high-quality product that briefly give visible region relation and stimulates the natural recovery of skin so when you wake up the next morning you feel luminous skin texture. Its cost is $205.

  1. Wet n wild photo focus foundation

wet n wild photo focus foundation

It is a Foundation that gives a photogenic face and removes all imperfections shortly. Its features are high performing breakthrough formula, prevent wrinkles and gift perfect finish it is a brand that is better certified and 100% vegan. It is a Los Angeles to a product that has been trusted by a number of ladies to add makeup pics for flawless younger looking skin. Its cost is $5.99

  1. Lawless Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick

Lawless Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick

It is a high pigment, soft Matte liquid lipstick That Gives smooth finish and lightweight come for it is a comfortable liquid lipstick that hydrates the lip and gives $exy parents it is a long-wearing lipstick that doesn’t dry. It takes 30 to 60 seconds to blend on your lips and generate smooth and $exy appearance. Its cost is $25.


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