Secrets Of Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle “Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex” is always passionate about health, exercise, food and travel and also her weight loss. Before marriage with Prince Harry in May 2018, she was an actress and used to run a lifestyle website called The Tig. Also, she’s much to share with her audience.

meghan markle fitness

Here Meghan Markle is sharing 40 secrets of weight loss & healthy, active and fulfilling life

• Meghan Markle takes care of her skin body because she believes that what she feels is what she eats.

• Fitness is her priority and she enjoys going gym for fitness.

• An avid runner, Meghan Markle does a lot of treadmill work at home.

• The Duchess of Sussex is a big fan of Jan Marini skincare products. She also loves the Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder.

• Meghan Markle finds parenthood amazing and says she has two best guys of the world.

• She tries becoming realistic about social media despite receiving a huge response.

• Careful about her posture, Meghan Markle used to do posterior chain exercises and plenty of core work.

• She’s also into circuit-based strength training that includes high-rep and low-weight strategy.

• Meghan Markle has a close bond with her mom Doria Ragland.

• She likes doing yoga since her college days.

Meghan Markle Yoga

• The Duchess of Sussex never wears foundation for makeup.

• She always ditches coffee for healthy drinks.

• Meghan Markle writes that happiness can’t be chosen but experienced.

• Her personal trainer said that she loves wearing a mini band while doing lower-body exercises.

• Meghan Markle is always ready to support her friends like she did to Serena Williams during US Open final.

• She loves cooking and serving food since her school days.

• Meghan Markle loves raising the bar in personal workouts.

• In diet, she follows Clean Program, a three-week “nutritional cleanse” program that boost skin, digestion, sleep, energy, weight loss and mental clarity.

• The Duchess of Sussex doesn’t read press. Also, she and her boyfriend try hard to reduce the noise about their relationship.

• Meghan Markle is an active and she volunteers on a regular basis.

• She loves trying different eating styles.

• She revealed her love for a London-based fitness studio called Heartcore’s Ritual.

• Meghan Markle loves eating chicken tacos.

Markle Loves Eating Chicken Tacos

• She never defines her personality by her relationship.

• She is comforted with the idea of having family and friendly get-togethers.

• Meghan Markle said that women should empower women and not threaten or challenge each other.

• She revealed her creative side in her website The Tig.

• She loves munching on snacks like hummus and carrots. Her pet also loves snacks.

• Meghan Markle worked hard to earn a university degree. She had to work to fund her tuition fees.

• During her Suits days, she used to have hot water with lemon in the morning.

• She had two pets – Guy and Bogart – in Toronto. While Guy moved to London when she married Prince Harry, Bogart remained with a friend in Toronto.

• Meghan Markle dreams of having lunch with people where she can share fries.

• She named her website The Tig on her favorite brand of red wine, Tignanello.

• She believes she is a feminist and she doesn’t need giving any proof for it.

• The Duchess of Sussex practices Vedic meditation rooted in ancient Indian system of knowledge.

• A friend of her told Meghan Markle to mix veggies into different dishes.

• She always looks for refreshing breaks in busy life schedule.

• She treats herself as her best friend and feels better.

• Meghan Markle suggests Megaformer for workouts.

• The Duchess of Sussex always carries a small container of tree oil while traveling. It is inexpensive and she relies on this oil for small cures for cuts and mosquito bites.

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