5 gluten-Free healthy grains you should add in your diet for a healthy life

Gluten is a protein that we mostly consume while eating barley, wheat and rye. If a person is enduring from celiac disease, gluten sensitivity is often avoided to consume gluten foods or go gluten-free. Sometimes gluten-free food suggested who wishes to lose weight, boost mental strength, increase health improvements, etc.

Similarly, a person allergic to other foods. If people fail to take gluten properly may feel unhealthy and fall ill constantly.

So, It is important for people to go gluten-free when they need and includes healthy grains instead such as:

  1. Sorghum aka jowar

It is mostly found in India, Asia, and Africa. If you are not able to consume wheat then jowar can help you to fulfil your body gluten requirements as well as maintain your overall wellbeing. This jowar can be used to make Rotis. In jowar, there are high antioxidants present which naturally fights with oxidative stress and lessens the risk of health issues. It is also rich in fibre that controls the blood glucose level.

  1. Corn

Corn is the most loved food item in India and other countries as well. It is high in fibre, vitamin B6, thiamine, zeaxanthin, and manganese. You can consume it as boiled or roasted.

  1. Bajra

It is the most common gluten-free food one should add in their diet. You can cook it in your way. On the other hand, it has two more varieties one is ragi and second is proso millet, barri. These three are best to use as an alternative to a gluten diet.

  1. Buckwheat

Well, it is not like wheat. It is pseudocereal from which you can prepare multiple foods such as pancakes, Rotis, cakes, etc. Adding this in your diet can easily reduce your health concerns such as blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, etc.

  1. Quinoa

It is yet another pseudocereal which is related to spinach and beetroot. It is often known as a high source of food to reduce weight and maintaining wellbeing. This has been widely accepted by the world and even researchers inferred as the best alternative of protein and nutrients.

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