5 Twisting Exercises That Work Well For Whole Abdominal Muscles

Burning belly fat is the first step in buildings abs but it isn’t a simple weight loss process as abdominal fat could be stubborn. You need to do something different to move your abdominal muscles so that they become lean. It is where you can try twisting exercises for abdominal muscle. Twist your abdominal muscles with or without weight to melt the belly fat and build your abs.

There are plenty of twisting exercises for abdominal muscle you can try at home.

Russian Twisting Exercises For Abdominal Muscle

Russian Twisting Exercises For Abdominal Muscle

The Russian twist is an exercise for abdominal muscles but it works for the entire body. It involves balancing the posture on the exercising mat and twisting the abs with arms and shoulders. It can be performed with or without dumbbells.


• Sit down with your feet flat, knees bent, and back straight in the 90-degree to the floor.

• Lean your back towards the floor and lift your feet from the floor until your calves come in a parallel position to the floor.

• Hold your kettlebell with both hands and swing from right-to-left and then left-to-right without disturbing the balance of your legs and back. Beginners can do it without weight.

• Start with 15 reps before increasing.


• Twisting will boost the metabolic system that will make your body a fat-burning machine.

Strength building is also an advantage of the twisting exercise.

• The twisting movement will improve your cardiovascular health by balancing the cholesterol level.

• It is believed that twisting exercises is helpful in the detoxification of the body.

• Since it involves balancing, it helps in maintaining a good posture while walking, standing, and sitting.

Criss Cross

Criss Cross Exercises

Also called Bicycle Crush, this exercise works great for abdominal muscles. It strengthens the core and gives good cardio as well.


• Lie on your back but keep your knees bent at the 90-degree angle to the floor.

• Put your hands behind your head and raise the upper back off the floor.

• Straighten your legs off the floor to start crunching. Bent your legs one by one and touch knees with alternate elbows by twisting your body.

• Bend the right leg and touch the knee with the left elbow and vice versa.

• Try increasing the speed as you progress from beginner to professional.


• It will fire up your deep abs, the muscles that support the spine and pelvis. In the long run, it will give you the strength you need to prevent injuries to your hip joint.

• It will help reduce back pain by straightening and strengthening your core. It will build endurance, stability, and posture.

• It involves simultaneous opposite movements of hands and legs that will build coordination between your muscles.

Windmill Twisting Exercises For Abdominal Muscle

Windmill Exercises For Abdominal Muscle

It is a great exercise for burning abdominal fat. Also, it can strengthen the back muscle and clinch the waistline. And you can do it with or without weight.


• Lie on your back with your shoulders and pressed to the ground.

• Bend your knees and take your feet off the mat until your calves become parallel to the floor.

• Spread your arms to the side and press your palms flat into the mat.

• Start twisting your legs from one side to the other while moving your head in the alternate direction to your legs.

• Twist your legs to the right side try touching the ground. Never mind, if you can’t as you need flexibility for the twisting exercise.

• Keep moving your legs from right to left without arching your back or allow your hands to leave the ground.


• It will improve your daily movement especially related to the hip joint like tilting forward to drop and pick objects.

• An improved aerobic function is another advantage of this exercise and it will be in addition to burning abdominal fat.

• It will allow better glucose control of your body that will help in glucose management.

Hip Twists

Hip Twist

It is a must-to-do exercise for every health-conscious person and especially those that want to reduce their belly fat. It is a set of exercises that work for the whole abdomen.


• Get down on your abdomen and keep your body in a straight line. Here your arms should be straight and shoulder blades back. Also, you should tighten your abs for movement.

• Bring your body weight on your elbows and fee for the movement. Hold your body for a while to start the movement.

• You need to twist your hips from one side to the other. First, twist the right hip towards the floor and try tapping the floor.

• Do the movement with the left hip and keep twisting your hips a couple of times before taking a break.


• It will strengthen your oblique muscles that support your core. The movement will a more defined waistline by removing the excess fat.

• Your back muscles will be strengthened and you will get fast and lasting relief from back pain if you have pain in the back.

• It will also work for your shoulders and forearms as your bodyweight will fall on your shoulders and forearms.

Leg Circles

Leg Circles

If there is an exercise that can work on stubborn belly fat then it is leg circles. Also, it is easier to do as it doesn’t require weight like dumbbell and kettlebell.


• Lie on your back and keep your legs straight. Press your back into the floor while keeping your abs tight.

• Take your legs off the floor making a perpendicular to the floor. Also, join your legs for making big circles.

• Start making a circle by moving your legs first towards the right and then down and then to the left and then to the center. Do it slowly without opening your legs.

• Make circles first clockwise and then anti-clockwise for a couple of times before taking a relaxing break. You can do it 5 times in each direction in the beginning.


• It will improve your hip joint movement so that you don’t any hassle in tilting forward or backward.

• It will build your core muscles that will support your body weight.

• It will bring your spine and pelvis in a properly aligned position.

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