5 Yoga Asanas That Can Help In Cancer Treatment

Cancer is curable if the disease is diagnosed and treated early. But the treatment could be frustrating. Cancer patients have to bear chemotherapy that could break their mental power. But they can look at yoga for help. There are many yoga asanas for cancer patients that can help control the painful symptoms associated with cancers and their treatments. These asanas are simple in practicing and big on advantages.

Here’re 5 yoga asanas that are good for cancer patients.

Half Sun Salutation

Half Sun Salutation Yoga Asanas

It is one of the many asanas that have multiple benefits for cancer patients.


• Stand straight with your legs close

• Join your palms together as you do in a prayer

• Inhale a deep breath and raise your arms with palms joint above the head

• Stretch your arms to a comfortable level

• Exhale the breath and bend down to touch your toes with your fingers

• Stop for a few seconds and then inhale a deep breath to return to the starting position

Note: You can bend your knees if needed while touching your toes with your fingers.


• The stressing exercise will ease out the entire musculoskeletal frame including the muscles.

• It has the power to blast disease-causing microbes and it is easier to perform at home.

• It boosts blood flow balances the function of endocrine glands that help in maintaining well-being in the long run.

• The exercise involves elongation and suppression of the body that has good effects on the digestive system.

• The salutation pose allays frayed nerves by awakening the brain center and a calm nervous system is a guarantee of the well-being of the body.

Reclining Butterfly Yoga Pose For Cancer Patients

Reclining Butterfly Yoga For Cancer Patients

This yogic posture is quite helpful for cancer patients especially breast cancer patients. It can alleviate back pain and relieve stress.


• Lie on your back in a comfortable position. If you want, you can take a soft cushion to support your back

• Joint your feet and pull your knees at the 90-degree angle to your hips

• Now allow your keens to fall on the sideways; let the gravity hold your knees for some time

• Exhale your breath and slowly pull your upper back behind the cushion. In this position, your lower back will be on the cushion and the upper back will be stretched towards the floor. If you want, you can take a cushion to support your head

• Rest your arms on the floor with your palms facing up

• Breathe deeply in the posture for 15 minutes


• It is a good exercise for stimulating vital abdominal organs including ovaries, prostate glands, bladder, and kidneys.

• It strengthens heart function and improves blood circulation.

• Stretches the skeletal frame especially inner thighs, groins, and knees.

• It is a great stress booster and helpful in controlling depression caused by diseases.

Legs Up The Wall

Legs Up The Wall

It can rejuvenate your body and mind by improving blood circulation towards every cell.


• Lie on your back close to the wall where you can stretch your legs

• Extend your legs slowly towards the wall and fix your legs straight up on the wall. Make sure you make a 90-degree angle in this position

• Lie in this position for about 20 minutes and concentrate on your breathing for these minutes

Noe: If you want, you can place a cushion beneath your lower back to get comfort and support.


• It has a direct effect on the nervous system where it can calm down the frayed nerves and a tense nervous system.

• It is helpful in regulating blood pressure levels. It will ease up the blood flow to the heart by relaxing the tensed veins.

• It is good for curing chronic headache and migraine-related problems as the blood quickly and speedily reaches the brain.

• It can alleviate joint and muscle pain, especially on knees, thighs, and hips.

• This exercise can enhance flexibility and improve mobility in a short time.

• It reduces fatigue considerably and boosts overall health and it affects both physical and mental well-being equally.

Cat-Cow Pose

Cat-Cow Pose

It can revitalize a tired body and improve flexibility as well.


• Get down to your hands and knees

• Curve your spine outwards while exhaling the breath. At this time, your eyes should be focused on the ceiling

• Inhale a deep breathe and curve your back inwards while facing towards the floor

• Stop on the outward and inward stretched position for a couple of seconds

• Repeat the exercise a couple of times


• It stretches and strengthens the entire spine and neck and surrounding muscles

• Stretches hips and lower back as well

• Improves posture and increases coordination between different body parts

• Stimulates and massages the abdominal organs like kidneys.

• Calms a tensed nervous system and creates emotional balance.

Corpse Yoga Pose For Cancer Patients

Corpse Pose

It is a simple pose to practice and it can be practiced without specific training or guidance. Also, it is quite beneficial for cancer patients.

• Lie down on a hard floor with your feet apart

• Place your hands at your side with palms up but slight away from your stomach

• Now start relaxing the entire body

• Concentrate on your body while it relaxes every part. An results, you should feel relaxed and relieved of any pressure

• Breath deeply and steadily as it will help in relaxing the body parts

• Keep breathing until you attain the position of complete relaxation

• Retain the position for some time to feel relaxed


• It will rid you of every negative trait that is disturbing your sleep and mental peace. For example, it will help in controlling stress, fatigue, insomnia, and anger in a great way.

• It builds memory and helps in concentrating on the things available at hand.

• It will bring your body to a standstill position where you will feel completely relaxed. It will also bring the blood pressure to a normal level.

• It will take you to a meditative state of mind where your body will start repairing the damaged cells and tissues.

• It will unleash positive energy in your body and mind. And this positive energy will boost the feeling of wellness.

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