59 Chinese Apps Including TikTok, ShareIT, UC Browser Banned In India

Indian government banned 59 Chinese-owned applications through a government order from the IT ministry. The IT ministry invoked its power under section 69A of the IT Act read with the relevant provisions of the IT (Procedure and Safeguards for Blocking of Access of Information by Public) Rules 2009 decided to disallow the 59 Chinese apps.

Reasons for banning Chinese apps

It is clear that the action is taken on the Ladakh standoff along the LAC between India and China but the IT ministry said that those apps were prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity and defense of the country and security of state and public order. Also, the whole country has become very critical of the use of Chinese apps post the Galwan incident. 

Press release statement by IT ministry

The statement read that the ministry took note of the raging concerns related to data security and safeguarding privacy of 130 crore Indians. Also, that the concerns posed a grave threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country. 

The ministry further said that it received many complaints from various sources about mobile apps using fraudulently accessing users’ data and transmitting the critical information to servers located outside the country. It maintained that the ministry was concerned about hostile elements mining and profiling the data with the intention of attacking the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

The ministry found the case to be fit enough to immediately ban the selected apps from Android and iOS platforms for safety of the data of Indian consumers. 

Computer Emergency Response Team received representations

The CETT-IN also received representations from alarmed citizens and groups that keep a watch over anti-national activities by foreign nationals. Even parliamentarians flagged the issue of Chinese apps snooping over critical data and transmitting it to their masters located outside India. 

Chinese investment in India

Venture Intelligence, M&A and others that track private equity said that 

Chinese investors including Alibaba, Tencent, TR Capital and Hillhouse Capital made heavy investment on Indian startups in 2015-19. It is estimated that startups in India received over $5.5 billion from Chinese companies during the said period.  

Popular Chinese apps banned in India

TikTok that was quite popular among youngsters in the country now stands banned. It was among the top-ten popular apps in both the Android and iOS platforms. Other Chinese apps banned in India include ShareIt, UC Browser, Likee, WeChat and Bigo Live. 

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