7 Common Makeup Mistakes That You Should Fix It Now

Makeup is an art. It needs to look perfect, therefore, a woman always tried various experiments to make it best.

Unfortunately, you’re not contented with your makeup. Why?

It is just because of silly mistakes. You should recover them fast to get a flawless and confident look with your own makeup whether it is for a party or regular. Here 7 common makeup mistakes that every woman does, and you will need to fix it soon.

Makeup mistakes

  1. Ignoring or using a brow pencil

eyebrows makeup

Well, to get proper finish your brows need to fill out very carefully in a way that it doesn’t look unnatural or weird. Using a brow pencil is still effective, but not as completely. If you want your brown look natural then use angled brush or powder to fill our small spots. This produces a natural and perfect shape of brows.

  1. Using the wrong primer with foundation and skin type

foundation choosing tips

Primer is utmost to get a natural and matte finish. According to makeup artist, it is very important to choose the right foundation, a primer for your skin type and also those who complement each other. In case, you have a water-based foundation so you have to pick water-based primer with the same brand.

  1. Brushes are important

Makeup only looked fine if your brush has master strokes to give an amazing finish. To wear makeup always cherry pick right brush for the right purpose. Moreover, you should make sure your brushes are cleaned and fresh for every makeup. Use baby shampoo and lukewarm water.

  1. Blush your cheeks

cheek blushes tips

Blush is very important. According to makeup experts, if you want to ample your natural look than applying blush is important. While applying blush make sure you’re doing natural smile so that highlight your cheekbones and give flawless look. Be careful and not to put it heavy.

  1. Apply right light

Makeup finish only occurs when you put correct light on your face. Make sure makeup doesn’t need heavy light. Less is fantastic so always put a light that boosts your confidence in looking perfect.

  1. Use a balanced foundation on your face

The purpose of the foundation is only to make skin complexion even and create a smooth surface for makeup. It’s very important to note down because using heavy foundation produces an only cakey look and that’s you don’t want. Make sure you’re using foundation as your skin required. Don’t go less and more.

  1. Using off beam concealer

peach tone concealer

Concealer is perfect to eliminate dark circles, dark spots and other imperfections on the skin. Always elect peach tone concealer that goes perfect with your foundation and perfectly pelt dark spots. This also counteracts blues and purples.

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