8 Popular Salsa Shoes For Beginners

For Salsa practice, you need a good pair of shoes. Your shoes should provide you with comfort, style, and protection. Also, the shoes should be designer and shiny so they match your dress.

In Salsa dance, you make most moves with your legs and for this reason, you must be careful with your dancing shoes. The good thing is that you have a good selection of Salsa shoes to explore and choose from.

Here’re 8 top Salsa shoes to choose from. Go through the specifications of each shoe and choose the best for your dance practice and performance.

  1. ICKER GetMine Women’s Silver Salsa Dance Shoes
ICKER GetMine Women’s Silver Salsa Dance Shoes

These are 2-inch-high heel shoes made of faux leather material and decorated with high-quality sequin. Suitable for dance practice and performance, they come with a non-slip wool bottom sole that provides added comfort and supports the dance moves. Also, the insoles are reinforced for superior resistance to compression and twists.


• 2-inch-heel made of imitation sheepskin material
• 3D ceramic glitter for decoration
• Titanium alloy buckle with bright gloss
• Thicker shoe pad for added comfort

  1. Joocare Women Black Leather Salsa Dance Shoes
Joocare Women Black Leather Salsa Dance Shoes

It is a classic design made of supple leather and suede soles. Its highlight is the 2.5-inch-high-heel with non-slip qualities. Also, it is lined with moisture-absorbing brushed material to keep the feet dry. And the insole is cushioned for added comfort and a luxurious feel. It has a t-strap style buckle that is made adjustable and it looks stylish. Dance students and theater performers will find this black shoe just perfect for their needs.


• Evergreen classic shoe design
• Easy-to-wear with t-strap buckle
• Keeps feet dry for long performance
• Attractive black color

  1. CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes
CLEECLI Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

This high heel shoe features thickened straps that define the height of the footwear. If you are looking for a high heel then consider this shoe that comes in 2.5-inch to 3-inch heel options. But the high heel is only one of the many advantages of this footwear. Here style meets sophistication. The satin upper feels ultra-luxurious and the suede sole provides added comfort and support. And the buckle comes with ample holes to achieve a firm grip.


• Satin and mesh upper make it elegant
• High elastic latex midsole feels luxurious
• Moisture absorption suede insole gives a dry feeling
• The soft breathable lining makes it suitable for long term use

  1. TDA Women’s Dance Shoes
TDA Women’s Dance Shoes

Another high heel shoe with the advantage of customizing your heel height is the right choice for a Salsa lover. Whether you are a dance student or a pro preparing for a dance performance before the world audience, you can rely on this high heel shoe. Synthetic material is used in its manufacturing and you get the option of choosing either suede leather sole or rubber sole. The close-toe design provides a perfect grip with a buckle strap that has enough holes to adjust the grip.


• Customizable heel design to suit individual needs
• Rubber sole option for outdoor use
• Shoe buckle and clip for quick slip and release
• Designer glitter synthetic upper
• Suede sole for dancer practice and performance

  1. Gogodance Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes
Gogodance Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes

It is a shoe made for dancing only or dancers only. The close-design with 2-inch-heel gives the confidence you need to burn the dance floor. The high-quality leather design looks beautiful and the designer has taken care of your comfort as well. The inner is lined with moisture-absorbing brushed material to give you a dry feeling. And its cushioned insole and absorbable heel provide the much-needed support for difficult dance moves.


• Exquisite workmanship visible in design and style
• Lightweight and comfortable to give a luxurious feel
• Strengthened counter for added ankle protection
• The cushioned insole makes it convenient to wear the shoe for a long time

  1. TTdancewear Women Dance Shoes
TTdancewear Women Dance Shoes

If you are looking for a dance shoe that has both style and comfort then it is your best bet. Look at the design. The tan satin material it is made of is improved by sparkly glitter. But it is its suede sole that makes it just perfect for dance practice and performance. Since it is available in 2.5-inch and 3-inch heel options, you won’t have any difficulty in choosing the right heel.


• Highly flexible, lightweight, and comfortable
• Rich color options – Red, Black, and Tan
• The quick-release buckle makes it easy to wear
• Suede sole is just perfect for dancing

  1. Minishion Women’s Dance Shoes
Minishion Women’s Dance Shoes

This ankle-length dancing shoe is your real companion on the dance floor. It will cover your feet from toe to ankle to provide a perfect grip and its design will support your feet while you go through multiple twists and turns. The leatherette lining feels ultra-comfortable and the suede sole is just perfect for indoor dancing. For outdoors, you can replace suede with a rubber sole. But the most important feature of this shoe is its heel that you can customize to suit your needs.


• Customizable design to achieve perfection
• Zip dance heels with convenient zippers at the back
• Soft feel for comfort and non-slippery design for high performance
• Adjustable upper straps for instant slip and release

  1. SWDZM Latin Dance Shoes
SWDZM Latin Dance Shoes

It is a beautiful shoe made of synthetic leather and decorated with high-quality sequins that will add more shine to your dance moves. It is a classic closed-toe design but it is super comfortable. Check the suede sole that provides comfort and protection. Also, it has a cross strap at the ankle to allow a firm grip. The rubber sole option is also available for outdoor uses. In heels, you can choose 3.5 cm or 5 cm heels.


• Superior resistance to compression and twists
• Buckle design allows quick slip and release function
• Suitable heel options to suit every need
• Rich color options – Black, Silver, Golden, and Red

Shopping for Salsa shoes is exciting as you get the opportunity to explore multiple options. But you should keep some factors like comfort and protection to your toes and ankles in mind while choosing Salsa shoes.

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