Height Increase Ways

While genes play a crucial role in determining the height of a child, it doesn’t mean that you should leave everything to genes. Good food habits and exercising can also aid in the height increase for kids, especially during the growing years. Vitamins, minerals, and nutrition can help your child grow faster in his early years.

Prepare a detailed food chart for your child and add food items that your child likes and that give him essential nutrition. Also, encourage him to do exercises like stretching, jogging, and yoga that can help in achieving full growth during his growing years.

Here’re the Eight Important Things That Can Help In Increasing Your Child’s Height

  1. Balanced Diet
Balanced Diet

First, you should check the diet of your child. If he is relying more on junk food like burgers, chips, and cola, you should replace these quick items with healthy food. He needs a balanced diet that provides essential nutrients, satisfies his hunger, and relieves him of hunger pangs.

Give him poultry and dairy products, meat, soy, and fish that contain lean protein essential for building muscles and strengthening bones. Add more green veggies and dairy to his plate as they contain calcium that makes bone stronger. They also contain vitamin D which is good for bone health. Zinc-rich food like peanuts, pumpkin, crab, wheat germ, and squash seeds are also good for growth as zinc has been related to growth stimulation.

  1. Stretching Exercises
Stretching Exercises

Stretching bones and joints is a great way to increase height during the growing years. Select a few stretching exercises that your child can practice without requiring much training or monitoring.

First Exercise: Ask your child to stand straight with his back fixed against a wall. He would raise his hands as far as possible and try maintaining the stretched position for as long as possible. But he shouldn’t overstretch his body.

Second Exercise: Ask your child to sit on his toes with his back still against the wall. He would stretch high thigh muscles and try holding the stretch according to his convenience.

Third Exercise: Ask your child to sit down with legs spread as wide as possible and try touching his toes by bending his spine. This stretching exercise elongates the spine and improves posture.

The stretching exercises can be repeated ten times every day. Also, you should take care that the child doesn’t become overenthusiastic about the exercises.

  1. Hanging Exercises
Height Increase For Kids

Children often hang on trees, hanging bars at the playground, and sometimes on window and door frames. It can be said that they love hanging. But you can turn it into an exercise, which will be good for height increase for kids Encourage your child to practice pull-ups and chin-ups. And it will be better to train your child in the hanging exercises.

If possible, you should take your child to a health studio where he can practice hanging exercises under the watchful eyes of a professional trainer. Hanging exercises are awesome for increasing height and your child can have full benefits from these exercises only when he performs exercises in the right manner.

  1. Yoga

Yoga is the best exercise for increasing height. Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation and Chakrasana are the best exercises for stimulating growth. But it will be difficult for a child to perform Surya Namaskar without training and monitoring because it is a sequence of 12 powerful yoga poses. Chakrasana is relatively easier to perform but it is better to take training before trying yogic exercises.

  1. Skipping
Height Increase For Kids

Skipping is a good exercise because it works for the entire body. It involves moving a rope with hands and jumping over the rope. In the process, you will jump and elongate your spine while jumping. You will use your toes to jump and land on your toes. To prevent injury, you will elongate your spine to distribute the pressure in your body. Let your child enjoy skipping as it is good for his height.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is another exercise that can help in height increase for kids. It is a good exercise as it works for the entire body. It builds stamina, boosts mental development, and lowers stress. Also, your child will love swimming more than any other exercise. But he will need to join a pool club for swimming.

  1. Ankle Weights
Ankle Weights

Small weights are added to the ankles to stretch the cartilage in the knees. The cartilage in the knees elongates and increases the height of the users. But consult the pediatrician of your child before adding weight to the ankles of your child. The weight shouldn’t overstretch or harm the ankles or knees of your child in any way.

  1. Jogging

Jogging is more than an exercise. It is a way to connect with nature and make your entire body work together. Jogging builds stamina, improves posture, de-stresses body and mind, boosts blood circulation, relaxes tired muscles, and stretches the spine. You should take your child to a park where he can do jogging. Ask him to start slow and increase his intensity as he gets experience.

Final Thoughts

Genetics plays a crucial role in determining the height of a child. But you can try increasing the height of your child as much as possible with whatever means possible. Give him nutrition and encourage him to do exercises so he can increase his height as much as his genetics allow. But you should be careful about his choice of food and exercise.

The market is full of health products that claim to height increase for kids in a short time. But it isn’t possible. While there is little harm in taking health supplements to fulfill the nutritional need of your child, you shouldn’t believe in products that claim to have height-increasing ingredients.

Your child can achieve the best height he can only with the help of a balanced diet and exercise. You can’t alter his genetics but you can make his bones stronger and elongate his spine to gain whatever little height he can irrespective of his genetics.

Disclaimer: Information provided in the blog is for educational purposes only and readers are advised to consult pediatrics before consuming any food or do exercise to increase height.

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