Ways To Drive Stress Away In A Natural Way

4 Ways To Drive Stress Away In A Natural Way

Life gives stress but you shouldn’t make your life stressful. But it doesn’t mean that you should lead a carefree life. You should learn ways to reduce stress so you can lead a happy, fulfilling, and healthy life.

Sometimes stress develops due to lack of nutrition or due to dehydration. If your body lacks magnesium, you will get stressed because this mineral plays a crucial role in suppressing stress hormones. Similarly, dehydration could make you stressed.

Here’re 4 ways to reduce stress naturally

Maintain a healthy sleeping pattern

Maintain A Healthy Sleeping Pattern

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important as it has a direct impact on your physical as well as mental well-being. But today people sleep less than they did in the past. Also, the sleep quality has been decreased leading to medical problems especially mental.

Good sleep is important for the following reasons

a) Good sleep improves concentration

Sleep is crucial for certain aspects of brain function like cognition, concentration, productivity, and performance. And a poor sleeping pattern harms these functions.

b) Poor sleep is linked to depression

Depressed people often have a poor sleeping pattern. They don’t get enough sleep that can reduce their stress level. But a good sleep can drive the stress away.

How to develop a good sleeping pattern?

Take a refreshing bath before going to bed and use low light in the bedroom. Also, you can try scented candles that can lull you to sleep. Keeping your mobile phone switched off or away from your bed will prevent you from getting distracted. Meditation can also help improve your sleep quality.

Exercises are best ways to reduce stress

Exercises Are Best Ways To Reduce Stress

Exercise in any form could … Read more

Weight Loss Regimen

How Is Your Dinner Time Related To Your Weight Loss Regimen?

If you are struggling to lose weight but getting no results despite putting in your best efforts then check your meal time especially dinner time. You could be having dinner close to bedtime.

What does science say about dinner meal to lose weight?

It says that what isn’t burnt by the body is stored as fat. The activity level of your body is lowest at night and for this reason, you store maximum fat consumed in dinner. Also, eating too close to bedtime could disturb sound sleeping. It increases blood sugar level and insulin that makes it difficult for the body to achieve sound sleep.

Dinner meal tips to lose weight

Dinner Meal Tips To Lose Weight

• Dinner is the last meal of the day and it must be the lightest meal of the day.

• Avoid eating dinner close to bedtime as it will interfere with your sleep. The ideal dinner time is at least three hours prior to your bedtime.

Five reasons to avoid a late dinner

• Late dinner will lower your circadian rhythm resulting in more and intense cravings for sugary treats at night

• Taking sweet at night could add to your glucose level resulting in a sudden spike in your blood sugar

Weight Loss Regimen

• Late eating is often the result of poor eating habits and bad food choices

• Late dinner could lower your melatonin hormone. This hormone makes the body feel relaxed and when it is down, it is difficult for a person to sleep

• Going to bed soon after having dinner could increase the chances of acid reflux late at night

Disclaimer: Eat dinner as prescribed and advised by your dietician.

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Summer Special Foods For Diabetes Management

5 Summer Special Foods For Diabetes Management

Fiber rich food could help in diabetes management as fiber takes time in breaking down and in this way prevents a sudden surge in glucose level. And there are delicious fiber rich food options you can try this summer to keep your glucose level under check.

Let’s check the best fiber rich food for diabetes..

Sprout Salad With Curd

Sprout Salad With Curd

It is nutritious and cooling as well. Sprouts are high in fiber and taste. Also, you can further increase its nutrition count and flavor by adding fresh veggies and fruits to it. For example, you can mix seasonal fruit like cucumber, tomato, and bell peppers to a salad. Finally, you can add a dash of curd to the salad to make it a diabetic-friendly food.

Cucumber Sticks And Hummus

Kheera is called summer special food because it is low in calories and carbs but brimming with nutrients. Cucumber can be consumed in raw condition or with flavored salt but the best way to enjoy this summer special is with smooth hummus.

Moong Dal Chila With Curd

Moong Dal Chila With Curd

Rich in fiber content and antioxidants, moong dal can help in controlling diabetes and obesity. And you can make a chilla with ground moong dal. But you will require raita to enjoy the chilla. Mix fresh veggies and fruits with curd to make homemade raita.

Boiled Egg Chaat Best Food For Diabetes

Chaat is made by mixing sev, papdi, bhalla, chutneys both sweet and sour, and curd. Chaat is both delicious and nutritious but the most exciting thing is that you can make chaat with anything including boiled eggs. Boil eggs and cut them into small pieces. Add chutneys to the eggs to make deliciousRead more

Exotic Tea Worth INR 1,000

This Cup Of Tea Costs Rs.1,000

Out of many tea stalls dotting the nooks and corners of the country and serving piping hot tea, there’s one stall in Kolkata that deserves exclusive treatment. It is exclusive because of its varieties. Would you believe that a cup of tea at this stall costs Rs.1,000 a cup?

Nirjash Tea Stall

It is in Mukundpur, Kolkata. Partha Pratim Ganguly is the founder and owner of this tea stall. He started his tea service on 6th January 2014 after quitting his full-time private job. It started as an experiment but proved to be a big leap of faith. He started selling flavoured teas but that was a new concept at that time.

Flavoured teas available at Nirjash Tea Stall

Partha Pratim Ganguly sells a wide variety of teas including green tea, black tea, oolong tea, lavender tea, makaibari tea and much more. But what makes his teas popular is the process. He keeps important factors like quality of leaf and how much to boil specific leaf. Ganguly kept adding more flavours to his tea stall and today he has more than 100 types of teas in his stall.

Spend Rs.1,000 for a cup of tea

It is a huge price but the cup worth this price. It is Silver Needle White Tea that requires three times more money and labour than the regular black tea. It is white tea that contains exclusive antioxidants and phytochemicals like catechins, eco-catechins and flavonoids. Ganguly also educates his customers about advantages of White Tea.

White tea works faster

When it comes to drinking healthy tea, people prefer White Tea as it scores high on every count – effect, aroma and nutrients. Partha Pratim Ganguly proudly tells that his customers … Read more

Tea Addiction

Know Whether You Are Addicted To Tea

Tea is considered a healthy drink and it comes in a wide range of options from green tea to herbal. But it has a compound that can make you addicted to drinking tea.

Let’s examine what is that tea compound and how is it related to addicted to tea

Tea contains caffeine and this compound is present in every variety in varying amount. Caffeine is a natural stimulant but labeled as addictive because its chemical structure allows it to fit into adenosine receptors in the brain.

Adenosine is a naturally existing compound in human body and its presence relaxes tensed nerves. But caffeine can replace this compound in receptors triggering addiction. The moment caffeine loses its strength, the brain signals that you’re tired and require caffeine in large quantity.

Tea Addiction

Over consumption of tea could result in caffeine addiction and withdrawal symptoms in the event of quitting the tea. But there are different views on whether the caffeine addiction is true addiction.

Is addicted to caffeine?

In order to call caffeine a substance abuse, you need continuing taking tea despite experiencing harm or be unsuccessful in cutting down the usage or face withdrawal symptoms on quitting tea. According to researches, people habitual of drinking tea could develop addiction for caffeine at some point of time.

Amount of caffeine that can make you addicted

Research done in the study of caffeine to understand its power of causing addiction suggest that even 2-3 cups of tea of any variety are sufficient to cause caffeine addiction in the person. But more research is needed to determine an exact amount of caffeine to develop addiction.

Signs and symptoms of addicted to tea

Signs & Symptoms Of Caffeine Addiction

If you … Read more

Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Do You Know How An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away?

An apple a day can really keep the doctor away as it packs nutrients including 95% calories and 9% of the Daily Value of Vitamin C that benefits health & acts an antioxidant and neutralizes free radicals that are harmful compounds.

Other nutrients available in apple include Carbs (25 gm), Fiber (4.5 gm), Copper (5% of the DV), Potassium (4% of the DV) and Vitamin K (3% of the DV)

Health benefits of apple

Health Benefits Of Apple

Apple boosts heart health:

Apple has flavonoids that are compounds that can reduce inflammation especially of the heart muscles. Also, it has soluble fiber that reduces both blood pressure and cholesterol levels that are the causes of many heart problems.

Protection against cancer:

Presence of compounds like antioxidants and flavonoids make apple an effective agent against cancer. Also, studies found that fruits including apple and vegetables can prevent development of cancer especially of stomach, colon, lungs, oral cavity and esophagus.

Apple benefits in weight loss:

Fiber content in apple increases weight loss by providing a feeling of fullness resulting in a decrease of calorie intake.

Improves bone health:

Studies suggest that fruits including apple can increase bone material density and prevent development of osteoporosis in the long run.

Boosts brain function:

Studies suggest that apple can reduce oxidative stress responsible for mental decline. Also, apple can slow the signs of aging.

Protection against asthma:

Studies done on people who consume apples have revealed that apple is capable of fighting with asthma. It reduces risk of development of asthma.

Controls diabetes:

According to a detailed study on apples, eating an apple a day could reduce the risk of development of type 2 diabetes by 28%. … Read more

Is There A Common Diet & Workout Plan For All People?

A good diet and workout plan could speed up weight loss and enhance energy level. But choosing the right diet plan is a challenge as there are many options available. 

For example, there are separate diet plans for vegans and different diets for non-vegetarians. Also, you can choose from a low-carb diet or low-fat diet depending on your needs.

Here’re 8 best and the most popular diet plans for health-conscious folks. You can go through each plan and choose one that suits your needs the best.  

1. Intermittent fasting

It is a dietary strategy that includes cycles of fasting and eating. And there are different methods for intermittent fasting. For example, take the 16/8 method that involves limiting calorie intake to 8 hours per day. Similarly, the 5:2 method limits the calorie intake to 500-600 calories twice per week.

Process: The objective is to restrict the eating time to cut calorie intake. There are periods of fasting and eating. And it leads to quick and significant weight loss unless the person compensates the calories by consuming high calories during the eating period.

Benefits: It slows down aging, increases insulin sensitivity, improves brain health and reduces inflammation. And it is safe for people of all ages.

Cons: In general it is safe for people to do fasting but people with serious health issues like diabetes should consult their doctors before fasting.

2. Plant-based diets

A plant-based diet can be divided into two categories according to its ingredients. The first is veganism where animal products in any kind or form are strictly prohibited. And the second is a flexitarian diet that allows animal products in moderation.

Process: Vegan diet restrict animal products but … Read more

13 Amazing Fruits You Will Love Eating

Think of fruit and you will visualize the fruits you have eaten or you know about. There are many fruits that could be new to you and you will certainly want to try these fruits once you know about them. For example, take Buddha’s Hand that is used as snacks and Jackfruit that is more like a meat supplement for vegetarian dishes. 

Here’re 13 most popular fruits of the world 

1. Sugar Apple

Sugar apple is widely cultivated in West Indies or tropical Americans on the Annona squamosal tree. It is called sugar apple, custard apple or sweetsop due to its creamy white flesh and sweet custard taste.

2. Cacao

It gives cocoa beans for chocolate but it is also a delicious fruit to eat. It has seeds covered with edible white flesh under its yellowish orange exterior cover. You need to crack open the fruit to get the seeds.

3. Rambutan

Part of the soapberry family, this red and hairy fruit has white sweet flesh. It received its name from Malay word “rambut” that means hair. Rambutan is native to Indonesia but it is also found in other tropical regions of South-East Asia.

4. Buddha’s Hand 

This fruit has fingers protruding from the base and it is used for religious offerings in Buddhist temples. It is a citrus fruit found in bright yellow in color but has no juice or pulp. The Buddha’s hand is used for making a variety of snacks.

5. Carambola

It is a juicy and tarty fruit replete with many antioxidants. It is also called star fruit because of its star shape it gets when cut into slices. Carambola is native to South-East Asia.

6. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is native to … Read more

Memory Boosting Foods

20 Superfoods Excellent For Brain Function

The food that pampers your taste but also provides nutrition and energy to your body, especially the brain that is an energy-intensive organ. As a power center of the body, the brain controls all vital organs and it requires a huge amount of energy to keep working at its optimum level. And it gets energy from the food you eat. You could be choosy in selecting your memory boosting foods because you are unaware about superfoods for the brain. Do you know that even a little deficiency of essential fatty acids could lead to neurological disorders and that you can get fatty acids from both animal and plant sources?

Here’re 20 memory boosting foods that can improve your brain function and keep it healthy even in advanced age. 

1. Oily Fish

Fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring and sardines are good for the brain as they contain essential fatty acids Omega-3. These fatty acids slow down decline of brain function, lowering the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Also, they enhance memory and manage stress.   

Memory Boosting Foods

2. Dark Chocolate

Those with sweet tooth for chocolate have something to rejoice. Dark chocolate improves blood flow in the brain and reduces inflammation as it has strong antioxidant properties. It boosts mood, focus and alertness by providing a very respectable dose of stimulants including magnesium, zinc, fiber and caffeine

3. Turmeric Is Memory Boosting Foods

Curcumin, the most potent and natural anti-inflammatory agent, is found in turmeric. And it is necessary for brain as researches have proved that inflammation is the biggest destroyer of brain. Curcumin improves oxygen level in the brain, increases cognitive function including memory and benefits the immune system.


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A Study Relates Plant Proteins To Longevity

Findings of the latest studies on plant based high proteins have surprised everyone. It says that a perfect diet can promote longevity in addition to improving health.

The study

A total of 31 studies on a dose-response analysis showed that 3% of plant protein lowers the risk of death from all causes up to 5%. And this finding could have very positive health implications for the general public as it is easier to replace plant-based protein with that of animals to achieve longevity. While further studies are awaited, the findings of the analysis could be used to educate people about benefits of plant-based proteins.

Plant protein boost longevity

Taking plant protein lowers the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases by 12% and the death rate by other diseases is lowered by 8%. But the animal protein is found of be little help in lowering death rate due to cardiovascular problems and cancer.

The analysis

A total of 715,128 participants were given plant protein bodes for a period of 32 years. And a mathematical model was to analyse the results. It was found that 113,009 people died in this period. Out of these people 16,429 died of cardiovascular ailments and 22,303 died from cancer. The results of the analysis were encouraging as it was clear that plant proteins were helpful in lowering death from all causes.

The research

Scientists from the US and Iran viewed the results of 32 studies related to death risks associated to all causes to arrive a conclusion. They measured dose-response relation between intake of proteins both plant based and animals with the risk of death from all diseases. 

The perfect diet

The research published in a journal said that taking more … Read more