Ariel Winter Get Candid About Her Diet, Exercise, And Cyber Bullying

Ariel Winter is an awarded actress but she had to face bullying by netizens for her shorter frame and a little oversize body but later she has best weight loss story. But it didn’t discourage the actor from giving her best performance in the ABC comedy series, Modern Family, for which she won four Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Is Ariel Winter Short And Obese?

Ariel Winter Short And Obese

Ariel Winter stands 5 ft and 1 inch tall that is a little shorter than the average height of most Hollywood actresses. She weighs around 55 kg that makes her shorter frame appear a little bulkier. And with 36/27/35 body measurements, she looks plump. But she got this measurement after reducing her chest size from 32F to 34D with a breast reduction surgery in 2015.

Was Internet Bullying Behind Her Breast Reduction Surgery?

Ariel Winter Breast Reduction Surgery

No, said Ariel Winter. She said that it was her personal decision. She also narrated the pain and suffering she had due to oversize breasts. And it was necessary to reduce the size of her breasts to alleviate the pain and suffering.

It was a mature decision at the immature age of 17 but she had the support of her family and her Modern Family co-stars especially her on-screen mother, Julie Bowen.

Ariel Winter said that she talked to Julie Bowen about the need for reducing the size of her chest and got support from her on-screen mother. She even penned a heartful note to thank all who helped and supported her during her breast reduction surgery.

Why Were Netizens Bullying Ariel Winter?

Netizens Bullying Ariel Winter

Some netizens were targeting Ariel Winter for her smaller figure and weight gain. They were criticizing even the good work of the actress. When the actress lost weight, they alleged that the actress used illegal drugs to achieve her weight loss goals.

Ariel Winter replied to bullying that she had been on antidepressants for years and that caused her to gain weight. But she switched to new medicines that were quite useful.

The Modern Family star was never afraid of bullying. On the contrary, she always gave fitting replies to those involved in bullying. She once said that if she posted a photo on Instagram, she got hundreds of negative comments on that phone.

Ariel Winter said that she never cared about bullying because she knew that some netizens were always looking for opportunities to bully others.

Ariel Winter didn’t only believe in weight loss dieting but she was enthusiastic about exercising….

Ariel Winter Weight Loss Dieting

Ariel Winter Weight Loss Dieting

The Modern Family actress loves pasta, cheese, candy, and all those kinds of stuff but she doesn’t believe in dieting. She believes that dieting can’t work for her. But she eats in moderation. Recently she tried mint chocolate chip ice cream and fell in love with it.

Ariel Winter said she couldn’t stick to one type of diet but believed in eating food in moderation. She further said that she ate everything she liked most but in moderation. One thing that can be said for sure about Ariel Winter weight loss is dieting wasn’t her priority.

Building Muscles

Ariel Winter Building Muscles

Ariel Winter is a workout enthusiast but here she wants to build muscles and not to burn calories. While her peers are busy planning strict diets to maintain their figures, the Modern Family star thinks only about building muscles. But she doesn’t want a muscular body. What she needs is overall fitness. She wants her body to look toned and she works more on her glutes.

The Glute Work

Ariel Winter Glute Work

Commonly referred to as hips or butts, glutes constitute the strongest and longest muscle group in the body. And Ariel Winter used to do side lunge and glute kickback to improve her butts. The advantage of a side lunge is that it can be performed without weight as well. But she used light ankle weight to make exercises a little challenging.

Upper Body Work

Ariel Winter Upper Body Work

Glute building is a part of her workout routine. Also, it is necessary to tone her body. But it isn’t all she does to maintain a good figure. She has a whole bunch of exercises to shaper her upper body including back and chest muscles. She has posted pictures working out on a lat pulldown machine and in a fly on the “peck deck” machine.

Ariel Winter Battle Ropes For Weight Loss

Ariel Winter Battle Ropes For Weight Loss

Ariel Winter does many exercises to build her upper body. But she puts special focus on battle ropes that are beneficial in many ways. This exercise elevates her heart rate while helping in muscle building. And she tries to make it more challenging but doing it in circuits. With muscle building, her efforts are to exercise her whole body.

Bodyweight Exercises

Bodyweight Exercises

As said earlier, Ariel Winter is an exercise enthusiast, she loves to be in the gym, and between weights, she can use to push her body to the extreme. She does many exercises for both her upper and lower body and she needs weights of various measurements to practice those exercises.

High-Intensity Workouts

High Intensity Workouts

Ariel Winter hits the gym for high-intensity exercises where she takes little breaks. Exercises are divided into different sets with each set is loaded with super-sets and circuits. She starts with a compound movement and goes up to increase the intensity of the exercise by adding circuits to it.

Sumo Deadlifts

Sumo Deadlift

It is one of her favorites as it targets glutes, hips, and hamstrings. Also, this exercise works for the upper body. But it is more useful for the lower body and could give excellent results if performed twice a week.

Ariel Winter Weight Loss Squats

Ariel Winter Weight Loss Squats

Ariel Winter is so concerned about her glutes that she doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to build her glute muscles. And squats can do magic for glutes. The Modern Family actress practices all types of squats including regular, goblet, and elevated to improve her glute muscles.

Create Rewards

Create Rewards

Every good work should be appreciated with a reward and Ariel Winter has a sweet way to reward herself for achieving milestones. Every time she feels happy with her workout, she gives a treat to herself. She enjoys mint chocolate chip ice cream as a reward for doing a great job.

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