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Foods that help to boost and hurt your immunity

In the current situation, you may have heard this, “one who has strong immunity can survive”. Having strong immunity is not only advisable in the current circumstances, but it is important to fight with small to major infections in the body. This could help you to live life as you want.

Feeding your body with some good foods can actually help to boost the immune system. If you are looking for the ways to boost immunity then add the following food items in your diet today.

Foods that boost immunity

  1. Ginger & Garlic

Both these kitchen ingredients mostly hated by people’s because of its smell and bitter taste. Instead of these, these add taste to the food and make it more healthy. Ginger and garlic have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation response in the body and reduce sickness risks. These are also good to reduce chronic pain, lowering cholesterol, and maintain weight.

  1. Yogurt

Eating yogurt daily can improve the immune system to fight with multiple infections and diseases. Try to eat plain yogurt instead of eating flavoured yoghurts like sugar or honey. It is also a great source of vitamin-D That naturally improve the blood and wellness of the body.

  1. Turmeric

Everyone knows how much eating turmeric is beneficial for the overall well-being of a human. Turmeric has both antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that work wonderfully to boost the immune system and fight with major illnesses like cancer, gut disorders, balance weight, and many more.

  1. Kiwi

Kiwis are rich in high antioxidants, nutrients, potassium, vitamin C, and folate. This will boost WBC that naturally increase immunity and improve your power to fight with disorders.

  1. Chicken

Chicken has high vitamin B6, which is around the daily requirement of your body for … Read the rest


5 ways to get rid of dark circles in a week

Are you tired of under-eye dark circles and bags? This is why you are looking for solutions that just help you to look great. We, humans, know everything such as we should apply moisturizer at night to keep skin healthy, we need to drink water to stay hydrated, we have to sleep on time and get up early, we should do exercise, etc. However, we are unable to do this.

Our lifestyle is not as good as it should be. We are doing late night work, watching movies, eat unhealthily and neglect our physical health. These are the reasons we are suffering from skin concerns mostly.

Today, we will discuss the 5 best ways to get rid of dark circles at home with kitchen ingredients. Besides these tips, make sure you are eating healthy food and doing regular work out.

  1. Cucumber and lemon

Take cucumber and lemon juice in equal parts then mix it well. With cotton balls, apply this mixture under your eyes and leave it for 10-15nminutes. Then rinse eyes with warm water. Repeat this regularly for major results.

  1. Tomato and lemon

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which helps to create soft, moist and glowing skin. To enjoy the medical benefits of tomatoes, all you need to take tomato juice along with lemon juice in equal parts. Then mix it well and dip a cotton ball to apply it under your eyes. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse your eyes with warm water. Use this remedy twice a day for a week.

  1. Potatoes

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C that gently increase the production of collagen and keep skin healthier and younger. If you want to use this for dark circles, you need to great … Read the rest


5 kitchen ingredients you should stop using right now, they may ruin your face

The novel coronavirus is still not controlled, and we have to stay at home. Recently, it seems that our life is stopped. No activities, no junk food, no saloons, and even no meeting with friends. Well, we all have to do this right now for our nation and yes our lives too.

Besides all these, ladies are now taking care of their skin by using kitchen ingredients instead of chemicals and saloon treatments. If you are also one who is using kitchen ingredients for a healthy glow and clear skin, then must read this blog.

You have heard about many DIY beauty hacks with kitchen ingredients, but what you should not involve in making face packs is highly important to know. You should have complete knowledge about each ingredient you are going to use and for what purpose.

If you just go blindly with all ingredients, this might ruin your face overnight and you’ll leave with regret. Do you want to make it happen? I am sure not. So, let us find out which ingredients may harm your skin badly.

  1. Baking soda

The numbers of women baking soda to remove pimples due to its antimicrobial properties, but dermatologist recommends choosing the best acne treatments rather these hacks. Toothpaste is yet another ingredient used by ladies for the same cause. Both these two cause inflammation and irritation to the skin. Stop using both!

  1. Vinegar

It is most viral remedy these days to unplug blocked pores and improve the skin complexion, but here you should also check vinegar is highly acidic. It causes skin irritation, redness and peeling of the skin. While using vinegar, must do a skin test.

According to a dermatologist, when vinegar get exposed to the sun it may … Read the rest


6 simple steps to shave your legs at home

Shaving is one of the critical tasks to do right now for ladies. It can lead your skin to multiple skin issues such as rashes, redness, pimples, and ingrown hair.

To keep yourself maintain you will need to perform some basic shaving steps to achieve smooth and bright skin.

Here are the six steps you need to follow carefully.

  1. Choose the best quality razor

Picking up the right razor for your skin can solve your many problems. However, you have many options to choose from. If you need clean and ultra-soft skin then use a dry and rust-free razor. Make sure to change the blade before using it and keep it in a dry place..

  1. Remove dead skin

To enjoy great skin, it is a must to remove dead skin before doing the shaving. Scrub your legs as this removes dead skin cells and even open pores. You can scrub your legs one day or the same day of shaving.

  1. Apply shaving cream

Wet your legs then pat it dry, then apply shaving cream evenly on the legs. In case you have no shaving cream, use a hair conditioner. This helps to smooth your skin and clean your hair without irritation.

  1. Shave according to the direction

It is important to shave hair according to the direction of your hair. For example, if the hair growth is downward you need to shave it upward for proper cleaning. However, it does not applies to bikini line and underarms. Remember do not put pressure on the razor while removing hair.

  1. Dip Razor in warm water

While shaving you can see the razor is filled with dirt. To remove it dip the razor into warm water. If it is not clear yet use a … Read the rest