Could Your Tea Cure An Upset Stomach?

Some people always have upset stomach due to their eating habits. They eat junk food, take carbonated drinks and have food allergies. Also, they don’t drink tea that could benefit in stomach problems.

There are special teas that can cure an upset stomach. And you can prepare these teas at home as they require little efforts.

Here’re 5 different types of teas for curing upset stomach

Green Tea

It has become a regular in the last few years because of its health benefits that include boosting memory, protection from cancer and aiding in weight loss. Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, green tea has many health benefits to offer.

Peppermint Tea

It is a cool herb good for many things including upset stomach. It can common stomach problems related to bloating, indigestion and flatulence. Various oils present in the herb stimulate bile production and its release from gall bladder to help digest fat. Also, it can provide lasting relief from irresistible bowel syndrome (IBS).

Bush Tea

This tea can be taken as an alternative to green tea. Found in Africa, Bush Tea is called Red Bush due to its red color. But it has a great aftertaste and amazing health benefits that include curing stomach ache and abdominal pain. Also, it is a good medicine for heartburn, ulcers and constipation.

Fennel Tea

Seeds of this green herb are great for many things like salad decoration and making soup. They can also be taken with fish curry. Also, they can help with stomach problems like heartburn and bloating. Infants can be given fennel tea for loss of appetite and colic.

Ginger Tea

Ginger as an herb can cure stomach problems like bloating and for this reason, it is used in cooking. But it can also be chewed raw to get health benefits. Ginger tea is also a way to get its health benefits.

Disclaimer: The tea types mentioned in the content could have adverse effects on different people. So, the viewers are advised to take precautions like allergies to herbs before using these teas

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