For the Bikers: How to Protect their Skin and Hairs from Damage

Biking is one of the most important delights in everyone’s life. But it also causes many Hair and skin problems. In our Atmosphere, there are very harmful chemicals in the air that badly affect our skin and hair. The ultraviolet Radiations are very dangerous for our body and cause many diseases. So, from all these, we have to cover our hole exposed parts to avoid problems but also take extra care of our head and body with the right treatment.

Here we are going to discuss some important tips to take extra care of your skin while riding a bike.

Skin Care Tips for Bike Riders:

skin and hairs care for biker

• Avoid the use of Facial Scrubs contain exfoliant- yes we know that the facial scrubs and glycolic acid scrubs are very good for attaining healthy and glowing skin but avoid it before three days of traveling in bike because it increases the skin sensitivity and causes skin burn.

• Apply Sunscreen while going- sunscreen is a must for any bike riders. Apply this every two hours because it protects us from sunburn or tanning and by applying this we don’t feel the sun as much hot. So use it regularly while driving.

• Also, Wear Sunglasses- while outing you must wear goggles or dark shades sunglasses. The big goggles cover the large area around the eyes and protect it from wrinkles behind the eye lines.

Haircare Tips for Bike Riders:

Haircare Tips for Bike Riders

• Must Wear Helmet- Helmet is necessary for every bike riders because it protects your hair from harsh sunlight, pollutants, and dust. The fitting helmet is best for riders and makes sure that the helmet containing silk lining is better instead of helmet contain foamy lining.

• Don’t let you lose hair- Instead of letting your hair lose you must tie a low ponytail. Riders having long hairs must make a bun or plait it. It protects from the dusty strong winds and harmful rays of the sun. And if you tie a ponytail then you tuck your ponytail in your jacket of top you are wearing.

• Tie a Bandanna or Scarf- A bandanna or Scarf is a must for every female bike rider because it helps to take hairs in their place and secured your hairs from Dust, pollutants and strong winds.

• Carry a hairbrush and hair clip- It is very important to carry a hairbrush or comb and a hair clip with you while going on the ride because when you reach your destination you should reset your hairs and clip it with clip or rubber band for further protection.

So, here we discuss some important tips for bike riders which help them to protect their skin from harmful things.

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