Get a perfectly toned body with Shraddha Kapoor’s diet secrets

Aiming to get in a perfect shape like Shraddha Kapoor? Well, the actress shared her diet secrets to shed off all that winter weight to get a leaner and healthier physique. She has always been very careful about her meals and tries to follow a strict diet plan even in her hectic schedules.

Besides these eating habits, she has been continuing her workout routines including activities like yoga practice, swimming and zumba. 

Well, the actress has shared each and every detail about her diet secret in a recent interview which are absolutely motivational for all the girls out there. Here are the details, the actress shared:

The secret to the glow she has on her skin is her healthy and skin-friendly diet. The actress always prefers homemade food and drinks a plenty of water about 3-4 liters a day to stay hydrated.

Talking about starting a new day, the actress starts her day with at least 3-4 glasses of water and an empty stomach.

In breakfast, being a foodie she added that she likes to have different dishes every day. Shraddha always try to consume something enriched with protein and rich in fibre like poha, upma, idli sambar, dalia.

In lunch, she prefers to have simple vegan food including dal, vegetables and a few chapattis. Moreover, she prefers to have protein bars, nuts and fruits for snacks, every 2 hours.

The actress takes a very light dinner and that too by 8pm as she never delays her dinner. And likes ladyfinger which is the best vegetable in the universe, according to her. The actress revealed that she has her cheat meals once in a week.

Moreover, the actress added that she prefers cooked Indian veggies. And recently she has been trying to be vegan and likes to have tea made with almond milk and almond milk kheer is her favorite dessert right now.

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