Top 10 Hottest Sri Lankan Models And Actresses

Sri Lanka is known for its natural beauty and models. It is an island country with friendly people known for their hospitality. Every year millions of people from across the globe travel to this island country for vacations. Similarly, millions of global audiences praise the talent and beauty of Sinhalese actresses.

Here’re some of the most beautiful Sinhalese women that have stunned the world with their natural beauty

  1. Sherry Minally Perera
Sherry Minally Perera

Prettiest of all Sri Lankan models, Sherry Minally Perera ranks at No. 1 on our list not because of her awards and recognitions but because of her natural beauty and looks. The world saw her representing Sri Lanka in the Miss World Queen contest in Hanoi, Vietnam. She received praise from both her home and international media for her performance at the world forum. Also, she’s doing multiple advertising campaigns with the top brands in the world.

  1. Shanudrie Priyasad
Shanudrie Priyasad

Shanudrie Priyasad is a multitalented woman known for modeling, acting, singing, and dancing. Her photogenic face has made her a popular television star and actress. She is so popular on TV that her fans consider her a fashion icon. Shanudrie Priyasad started her acting career at the age tender age of 2 under the guidance of her father Dinesh Priyasad. Later she chose modeling as her career and went on to make it as big as she could. Today she’s considered one of the successful models of the island country.

  1. Shalani Tharaka
Shalani Tharaka

Shalani Tharaka was a little-known model and actress in Sri Lanka until 2007 when she was crowned in the Sri Lankan beauty pageant. Winning the contest shot her to the face which only a few could achieve. She has worked in multiple teledramas and music videos and has received praise even from critics. She also does modeling for leading brands. If you check her social media profile, you will find a huge following. Her fans eagerly wait for her posts to get the latest updates about their favorite star.

  1. Yureni Noshika
Yureni Noshika

If television popularity is taken as a factor in ranking, Yureni Noshika will certainly achieve the top spot. Her natural beauty, acting skills, and dedication to work have kept her a step ahead in the competition. But here she’s ranking at No. 4 not because her rating is lower than others but because of factors beyond the industry. But her inclusion in the top five models is an award for her. She started modeling only after winning the Miss Sri Lanka contest and today she’s a popular and successful actress.

  1. Pooja Umashankar
Pooja Umashankar

Pooja Umashankar has received more opportunities than any other actress and she has proved her talent every time she appeared on the screen. As a successful actress, Pooja Umashankar has performed in Sinhalese, Malayalam, and Tamil movies. Also, she’s won many awards and accolades for her looks and acting skills. In addition to being a popular actress, she’s also a fashion icon for her fans whose number is in the millions. She’s an influencer on social media and her fans eagerly wait for her to post her pictures. They like, share, and comment on her pictures.

  1. Aruni Rajapaksha
Aruni Rajapaksha

Aruni Rajapaksha is so beautiful that she has little need for any award to get recognized as a talented model. But she is a deserving model for awards and accolades. Sri Lankan media praised her performance and the decision to choose her as Miss Sri Lanka 2007. Also, she was the right model to represent the island nation in Miss Universe 2008 pageant. But before going for Miss U, she participated in Miss International 2007 and entered the coveted spot of the high 15 candidates. If social media likes and shares could decide the top spot, she would have been on the top of the list.

  1. Anarkali Akarsha
Anarkali Akarsha

The list of top-rated, most talented, and hottest Sri Lankan actresses and models is quite long and it could run to hundreds. But here I’ve taken the most challenging task of making the top 10-number of Sri Lankan models. The seventh number on the list is Anarkali Akarsha. She became Miss Sri Lanka in 2004 and represented her island country in Miss World 2004. Considering her beauty and talent, Anarkali Akarsha got the opportunity to become a brand ambassador for many corporations including philanthropic organizations.

  1. Nilushi Abeykoon
Nilushi Abeykoon

Nilushi Abeykoon needs to be included in the top ten list of beautiful Sri Lankan actresses. There is little known about her modeling and acting career but I found her social media profile and pictures quite interesting. She’s naturally beautiful and hugely popular on social media due to her natural looks. Her fans also praise her for maintaining her natural beauty. They follow her wherever she goes and like and share her pictures. I feel she must be on the list of top-performing Sri Lankan models.

  1. Upeksha Swarnamali
Upeksha Swarnamali

Popular model and actress, Upeksha Swarnamali doesn’t need any introduction as she was a former MP of the Sri Lankan parliament. But here we’ll keep the discussion centered on her professional career. Politics isn’t her forte as she’s a renowned television actress. I kept her at No. 9 because I felt that she was distracted by politics for some time. As a popular actress, she used her influence over her fans to enter the political field. But there is little doubt that she’s a talented TV presenter and actress. It was only due to her television popularity that she entered politics.

  1. Jacqueline Fernandez
Jacqueline Fernandez

There’s no reason to keep this popular Bollywood actress out of the top 10 list of hottest Sri Lankan models and actresses. Jacqueline Fernandez traveled from an island nation to India to enter Bollywood and carved a special place for her. She has multiple commercially successful Hindi movies to her credit. And this beautiful actress started her journey after winning Miss Universe Sri Lanka in 2006. And the reason for keeping her at No. 10 is purely personal. I want to give others an opportunity.

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