How To Do Gold Facial At Home In Easy Steps?

Gold facial is really the gold standard in facial treatments. It includes gold particles that give a natural glow and fairness to the skin. Facial is necessary even if you do the regular cleansing, toning, and moisturization of your skin. Facial treatment at home can give amazing results.

Every beauty-conscious woman chooses a gold facial but not everyone can afford it because of its high cost. A gold facial in a salon could cost you anything between Rs. 1500-3000 depending on the parlor. So, gold facial parlor treatment is really an expensive and time-consuming affair.

Try doing a gold facial treatment at home….

It is possible and you can do it with the right product and little knowledge on how to do the facial. In this way, you can reduce both cost and time while getting the right skin treatment. And you can get a gold kit for one-time use at Rs. 250 only. Or you can buy a bigger branded kit for multiple uses. Brands including VLCC, Shahnaz Hussain, and Jovees offer gold facial kits from Rs. 400 to 1000 and they have sufficient material for 5-6 facials. Buying a gold facial kit will save you money and allow freedom to do the facial according to your need.

Advantages of gold facial treatment at home

Advantages Of Gold Facial Treatment At Home

A gold facial kit contains gold ash made of 24-carat gold pieces. It will make a gold collagen mask for your face and give you the power of gold. Its biggest advantage is its suitability. It suits every skin type and skin tone.

• You can do gold facial irrespective of your skin type
• A gold facial kit can remove toxins and repair cells damaged by oxidation
• The golden ash can prevent your skin from suntan and repair whatever damage is done by the sun
• Lightens the complexion
Improves blood circulation in the skin cells
• Golden facial has anti-aging properties that can remove aging marks like creases and wrinkles on your skin
• Control formation of melanin and skin pigmentation
• Boost lymphatic drainage
• Improves skin elasticity to bring back the lost vigor
• Rejuvenates the skin to give a youthful appearance

Contents of your gold facial kit

Every cosmetic brand has its gold facial kit and all kits have some common contents called essential contents. While the total number of box contents could go up and down depending on brands, the essential elements remain the same in each kit.

Essential elements of a gold facial kit:

• Gold Cleanser
• Gold Scrub
• Gold Massage Cream
• Gold Facial Pack

Process of doing gold facial at home

Process Of Doing Gold Facial At Home

You’ve bought a gold facial kit of a leading brand and now you want to do your facial at home. If it is a small kit for one-time use, you can use the entire content but if it is a bigger kit for multiple uses, you need to be careful with using the content. Going through the product description could you an idea of how to use that kit. But it is better to learn the process from an expert.

The process starts with cleaning the skin….

• Open your gold facial kit and take out the gold cleanser to clean your skin. Massage your face with the cleanser for at least 60 seconds. The cleanser will detoxify your skin and massaging will eliminate impurities.

• After 60 seconds, wash your face with lukewarm water to remove the cleanser and the impurities that will come out with the cleansing product. Pat-dry your skin for scrubbing in the next step.

Gold Facial Treatment Overview

• Your gold kit has facial scrub. Take the gold facial scrub in your hands and start scrubbing your facial skin. You should start from the neck and move towards the face. Scrub the skin in a circular motion so that the scrub sets dep inside the skin and leaves it for 30 seconds on your skin.

• After 30 seconds, remove the scrub powder with lukewarm water and be gentle to your skin while washing.

• Take out the gold cream from your gold facial kit and start massaging your face with gentle hands. Massage the cream in an upward motion so that it sets deep inside the skin cells. Some brands give gold gel too. Apply the gold gel to your skin in an upward motion until it is absorbed by the skin.

• Wash the cream or gel from your face with a wet cloth and take care that you clean the face completely.

• It’s time to wear the Gold Facial Mask. Open the mask packing and apply it smoothly all over your face and leave the mask on your face.

• Wait until the mask is dry as it is an indication that the gold particles have set in your skin cells. After the mask is dry, you can remove it safely.

Splash water droplets on your face to dilute the face mask and pat your face dry.

• Finally, take the moisturizer and apply it to your skin, of course, starting from the neck. You should find a moisturizer in the kit. If it is missing, you should buy it from outside because moisturization is necessary after doing a facial of your skin.

Precautions to take while doing gold facial


• Avoid mixing any other cosmetic with the contents of your gold facial kit. Also, you shouldn’t add any other cream or lotion to the facial as it gold facial kit comes complete with all necessary ingredients.

• Maintain hygiene while doing facials as your kit can be used for multiple facial treatment at home. If the kit is spoiled, you won’t be able to use it again and you will have to buy a new kit for the facial.

• Your gold facial kit is a little expensive hence you should try making most of the kit. Simply put, you should minimize wastage to get the maximum return on your investment.

Buy a gold facial kit to try at home and continue doing gold facial treatment at home with experience. You should try the affordable one-time kit before moving to bigger kits that allow multiple facials. Initially, you could have some difficulties but you can learn with experience.

Disclaimer: Doing gold facial at home is a great idea but you should first learn how to do the facial. Also, you should know pros and cons of doing gold facials.

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