Skin Tanning With Olive Oil

If you also love the sun-kissed look and have no apprehensions about tanning your skin then you should use olive oil for tanning your skin. The luster of olive oil attracts the sun and the moisturizing minerals penetrate deep inside the skin with sun rays. It gives your skin a smooth finish and glowing tan.

How To Get A Deeper And Browner Tan With Olive Oil?

Extra virgin oil works well for a great tan. You should get a bottle of this oil and a timer to start tanning.

• Spread a towel on your tanning bed or chair
• Soak a piece of cloth in oil and rub it all over the front side of your body including your face
• Set the timer for 30 minutes to check how your skin reacts to tanning and adjust the time according to your findings
• Lay down on your back, close your eyes, and relax for 30 minutes
• Do the same on your backside and lay on your belly for another 30 minutes
• Wash off the oil thoroughly from your face and body after the tanning session is over

Half an hour under the sun is sufficient to tan your body with olive oil. Use the extra virgin olive oil that has extra nourishment that other tanning lotions lack.

Tips For Tanning Your Skin With Olive Oil

Extra virgin oil is the best tanning solution but there are many factors to consider with this oil to get the desired results.

  1. Olive Oil Types
Olive Oil Types

Olive oil is in great demand due to its nutritional value and for this reason, brands produce olive oil using different nutrients. Their objective is to process oil for different needs like scented oil. Processed oil could promise excellent results and it could be good for your hair and skin, but you should keep in mind that they contain artificial ingredients.

The biggest drawback of processed oil varieties is they might not suit your skin type. But there is no such apprehension with extra virgin oil that comes directly from nature. Extra virgin is the purest form of olive oil and hence good for your skin.

  1. Skin Tanning With Olive Oil
Skin Tanning With Olive Oil

Olive oil has all the necessary nutrition for your skin and this reason, it gives a soft, smooth, and silky finish to the skin. Since you are using extra virgin oil, you will get pampered by nature. But there is something that makes extra virgin olive oil good for skin tanning.

For tanning your skin, you need to bake your skin under the sun. It is where olive oil can do wonders for your skin. Its luster attracts sunshine which is something other tanning lotions can’t do. The sun rays will penetrate deep inside the skin and give you a browner and deeper tan. Also, it will take very little time in giving results.

  1. Using Olive Oil For Skin Tanning
Using Olive Oil For Skin Tanning

Saying that you should apply the oil all over your face and body will be too simple to explain the process. First, you should get extra virgin olive oil in sufficient quantity and get a piece of cloth to apply the oil to your skin. Apply the oil evenly to your skin and set the timer for 32 minutes.

Bake your skin under the sun after applying extra virgin olive oil to your skin. Also, follow the 30-minute rule. Half-hour is more than sufficient to bake your skin and get a deep brown effect without harming your skin cells. Also, you should tan your skin from the front as well as the back.

  1. Applying Olive Oil
Applying Olive Oil

The success of skin tanning with olive oil depends on how you apply the oil to your skin. You should know that simply applying the oil to the skin isn’t sufficient. There is a set process of applying the oil to your skin. You will need a piece of cloth to apply the oil to your skin.

First, you should dry your skin by removing all traces of moisture from it. You should know that dry skin can soak oil and allow sun rays to penetrate deep inside it. Second thing is to apply the oil evenly all over your skin. But you should avoid applying excess oil to prevent dripping.

  1. Concluding Your Tanning Session
Concluding Your Tanning Session

Tan your skin well from both sides for 30 minutes on one side. To conclude your fanning session, you should first apply the oil to your skin and tan the skin for 30 minutes under direct sunlight. When the tanning session is over, you can conclude the session with a luxurious bath.

Finally, you should wash off the oil completely with soap or body wash. Or you can make it luxurious by taking a bubble bath and washing off the oil with a loofah. It will make your skin feel ultra-luxurious. It will become soft, silky, and smooth after concluding your tanning session.

  1. Precautions With Olive Oil

Skin tanning also has some drawbacks like exposure to sunshine could damage your skin cells. It could lead to premature aging and even skin cancer. Also, sun exposure is harmful to your eyes. It is why you should be careful while tanning your skin with olive oil.

The first thing is to avoid exposure to sun rays for more than an hour. It is for this reason people are advised to maintain a strict 30-minute rule for skin tanning. Spending more time under the sun could result in sunburn and it could be permanent on your skin. But you can avoid these drawbacks by maintaining strict discipline.

Final Thoughts

Olive oil is great for skin tanning as it has the nutrition that your skin needs to glow. Also, it gives a deeper and browner tan without harming your skin. But you should use virgin olive oil only as it is 100% natural. Olive oil is a better choice than regular suntan lotions or sunbeds. The artificial ingredients available in regular tanning lotions could be harmful to your skin. But there is no such fear or apprehension with olive oil.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and the readers are advised to take all necessary precautions while tanning their skin with olive oil.

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