How To Lengthen Your Honeymoon Phase?

The honeymoon phase starts soon after you meet your partner and continues for some time like two years or more depending on how you develop your relationship. In this period, you think only about romance and don’t want to notice the off-putting traits of your partner.

What Is Honeymoon Phase?

Honeymoon Phase

It is the time when you plan romantic dinner dates, look for opportunities to come close to your partner, and don’t hesitate in doing funny things for them. But soon you feel like losing steam and the first sign of the ending of the honeymoon phase is when you or your partner starts looking for faults in each other’s behavior.

What Is The Science Of The Honeymoon Phase?

The honeymoon phase starts when specific hormones become active in your body and mind. For example, take oxytocin and dopamine. They are called feel-good hormones and they play a crucial role in developing strong feelings towards each other. The feel-good hormones also increase the level of cortisol or the stress hormone. Together these hormones make couples blind to their imperfections.

Soon comes the time when hormone level stabilizes and you start recognizing the traits that could be unacceptable to you. Similarly, your partner starts noticing faults in your personality.

How Do You Know That Your Honeymoon Phase Is Over?

The duration of the honeymoon phase depends on factors like your age, responsibilities, family structure, and personal liking and disliking. As the romance continues, you demand more attention, love, and obeisance. It is because you want to maintain the high level of hormones by additional factors. In other words, you want to see reasons for being in love forever.

10 Signs That Your Honeymoon Phase Is Over

Honeymoon Phase Is Over
  1. You Don’t Find Her Cute Anymore

You are obsessed with their laughter, dimples, and sleepy voice but now you don’t find those traits endearing. It isn’t that you don’t love them but that you start noticing their other traits as well.

  1. You Start Getting Disturbed With Their Habits

You like their laughter but you don’t like the way they laugh or the moments they choose to laugh at. Also, you could find their speech impediments, chewing noises, and the habit of nose biting more disturbing.

  1. Compliments Become Scarce

Compliments become a thing of the past when the honeymoon phase is over. You start feeling that there was no need to give compliments or expect the same from them. Earlier you used to give and receive compliments on everything you both do for each other.

  1. You Feel Awaken From Daydreaming

It is difficult to ignore the facts for a long time and soon comes the time when you start noticing the long-ignored problems. Also, by the time you recognize problems, you are already overburdened by them.

  1. You No More Say Or Hear ‘I Love You’

During the honeymoon phase, you used to say ‘I Love You’ at the end of every communication. But later in the phase, you find other things more important than saying you love them or hearing they love you.

  1. You Don’t Miss Them

When the honeymoon phase fades, you don’t miss them while in the office, during outstation trips, or when they are away. You even start feeling their presence too stressful and wish you could take a break from the responsibility of being a couple.

  1. You Stop Idolizing Each Other’s Family

In the beginning, you find everyone in their family sweet and cordial but soon you find that their family members are tired of being excited for you. They no longer try to be overly nice. Also, you start noticing irritating traits about their family members too.

  1. Arguments Become Frequent

As the honeymoon phase loses its steam, you no longer want to hold back on your differing opinion just for the sake of their happiness. Similarly, they give quick replies without caring about your emotions.

  1. You Find Your Partner A Different Person

Post-honeymoon phase, you both become different persons from each other. You even get the feeling that the person who you loved and married was a different person than the one you live with.

  1. You Fantasize More About Your Past

It happens when the future starts appearing bleak. At this time, you think about what life could be had you not met them. And it isn’t an exaggeration to say that you start thinking of a future without them.

Could Things Change After Honeymoon Phase?

After Honeymoon Phase

Post-honeymoon phase is a reality that everyone faces at some point in time. And if you aren’t ready to manage the post-honeymoon stress, you could feel disenchanted with your relationship. But things could be better as seen in many cases. Many couples have been successful in saving their relationship by taking the following steps.

• Stop romanticizing life all the time and have realistic expectations from your partner.
• Go on a date or indulge in some couple-specific activities at least once a week.
• Continue flirting and cuddling up to woo your partner as these small things can keep the relationship warm for a long time.
• Don’t hesitate in trying new things as you never know what can work for your relationship.
• Solve the personal issues affecting your relationship. Discuss those issues to find their solutions.
• Accept negative traits and appreciate their positive traits. Also, works towards the improvement of your relationship.
• Avoid running away from trouble and face it with a bold mind and determination.
• Always remember that you are an individual and so is your partner. Here you need to allow individual freedom to them.
• Communication is the most important pillar of a relationship. You should keep the communication going and even try to fill the gaps.

Final Thoughts

The honeymoon phase is the most beautiful phase of life. If you can keep the momentum, you can enjoy it throughout your life. You should take romance as one of the necessities instead of everything. As a couple, you both should accept your faults and try to improve your behavior. It is like learning from your mistakes.

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