Is It Safe To Lose Weight With Water Fasting?

Those looking for a result-oriented weight loss plan should consider water fasting that involves living only on water from 24 hours to 72 hours. Also, it is promoted by weight-conscious celebs and influencers on social media.

Understanding the concept of water fasting

As evident from the name, it involves living on the water for a certain period depending upon your overall health and medical condition. Since water is a zero-calorie drink, you won’t add any calories to your body. Also, your body will burn the stored-up fat for getting energy.

Advantages of water fasting

While weight loss is the biggest advantage of water fasting, but it is one of the many benefits of performing this fasting exercise. In weight loss, it can help lost up to 0.9 kilos on each day of fasting.

• Lowers the risk of diabetes
• Prevents certain types of cancers
• Boosts heart function
• Promote autophagy
• Controls high blood pressure and cholesterol
• Could help control some neurological problems

The right way of water fasting

For water fasting, you should prepare your body like choose a day when you are at home so that your body requires little energy. Also, you need to drink 2-3 liters of water each fasting day.

People with the following conditions should avoid water fasting

• Under 18/over 70 of age or underweight

• Women expecting pregnancy or breastfeeding

• Diabetics

• Suffering from eating disorders

• Have cardiac problems

• Undergoing blood transfusion

• Taking specific medicines

Precautions with water fasting

You should be careful while performing water fasting for weight loss. While it can help lose weight but you could feel dizzy, fatigued, and irritable at the end of the day.

Final thoughts

Water fasting is a reliable way to lose weight but you need to be very careful about your overall health and ability to remain on water for a day or two. It is better to have a word with your doctor before starting water fasting.

Disclaimer: Water fasting can help lose weight but people should be very careful about their compatibility with this fasting technique.

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