Is SlimFast The Right Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

SlimFast diet is a replacement meal plan instead of strict adherence to dieting and exercising that could be excruciating for your body. Here your regular meal will be replaced with a full course of the nutrient meal that will boost your metabolism, curb hunger pangs, and promote satiety.

Let’s see how the SlimFast diet works…

The SlimFast diet is called the 3-2-1 plan and it includes 3 snacks, 2 shakes, and 1 meal of your choice. And this low-calorie diet plan will kickstart your metabolic process from day one. Also, the healthy snacks and shakes won’t let you down all day. The diet gives 1200 calories to women and an additional 400 calories to men. It will suppress hunger pangs by promoting satiety.

Another advantage of the SlimFast diet plan is that it allows variety in the diet. For example, you can have different snacks, shakes, and meals on different days of the week. And the variety involved in diet will prevent it from becoming monotonous.

Feedback of SlimFast diet plan….

SlimFast works by cutting calories and boosting the metabolic rate of the body. As a result, you accumulate little fat and whatever fat is accumulated is burnt by the body. And studies have proved that a low-calorie diet that restricts the carb intake to 3-10% of the total calories taken can help reduce weight by 8% in a short time.

A study in the Journal of Nutrition found SlimFast to be very effective in achieving weight loss goals. Another study in British Medical Journal compare various commercial weight-loss plans with SlimFast and concluded that SlimFast can help lose 6 pounds in 4 weeks.

SlimFast is for everyone. You can also lose pounds by following this simple diet plan. But you need to be strict with the SlimFast diet to achieve your weight loss goals.

Healthy SlimFast recipes

Healthy SlimFast recipes

The focus is on providing complete nutrition without increasing your calorie intake. And the diet is so planned that your plate constitutes 50% of green veggies and juicy fruits, 25% of lean protein, and the remaining 25% of whole grains.

Food to take

Vegetables: Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, spring onion, bean sprouts, asparagus, baby corn, Italian beans, and artichokes

Leafy Vegetables: Swiss card, spinach, celery, and kale

Fruits: Grapes, apple, berries, banana, and pears

Lean Meats: Lean cuts poultry and bacon

Dairy Products: Low-fat milk, low-fat yogurt, and Greek yogurt

Legumes: Lentils, chickpeas, and black beans

So, you get a healthy choice of fruits, vegetables, dairy, dairy products, and meat to make different recipes. But before you plan a diet, you should know the food items you need to avoid.

Food to avoid

• Say no to sugar and products that contain a high amount of sugar
• Avoid drinking aerated or carbonated beverages
• Never eat processed food
• Stay away from high-fat fried snacks
• Baked foods aren’t healthy
• No alcoholic beverages

If you want, you can download a complete SlimFast diet plan from the Internet or you can try making a diet plan that is both delicious and nutritious.

Healthy SlimFast recipes

The vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and lean meat suggested can help prepare different recipes. Or you can check SlimFast recipes on the web. For example, you can try the following recipes for your diet plan.

  1. Mediterranian Greek Salad
Mediterranian Greek Salad

It is a complete food and its advantage is that it can be prepared with kitchen items. You need….

1 cucumber
Half-cup chopped sun-dried tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, red onions, and crumbled feta
3 tsp black olives
2 tsp olive oil
3 tsp lime juice
Half-tsp black pepper
And salt according to taste

Peel the cucumber into thin ribbons and mix those ribbons with other ingredients in a bowl. Add oils, black pepper, and salt to the bowl. Toss the mixture and serve it cool.

  1. Savory Herb Whole Grain Crackers

It is an easy to prepare healthy recipes that can give complete nutrition. Also, you need fewer ingredients to prepare this recipe. And it can be prepared at home within 30 minutes.

1 cup whole wheat flour
2 tsp sesame seeds
2 tsp mixed herbs (oregano and basil)

Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients into it. Also, add a cup of water to make a stiff dough of the ingredients. Keep working on the wheat flour until it becomes stiff. Take a small amount of dough and make chapati of it. Cut the rolled dough into long strips for baking. Bake the strips until they are crisp. You can serve them hot.

SlimFast is a simple and effective diet plan that can help lose weight in a hassle-free manner. Here you are allowed to choose your shakes and snacks so that you don’t get bored of the diet. And it works well as it reduces calorie intake and boosts the metabolic rate of the body.

Advantages of SlimFast diet plan

• SlimFast is an effective diet plan as mentioned by various studies. It has been proved beyond doubt that it works well if followed in letter and spirit. The weight loss will be quick and you will feel much relief from obesity and medical conditions associated with obesity.

• The diet plan includes exercising but the exercises aren’t rigorous. Also, you need to exercise only for 30 minutes. And you will get the energy needed from the nutritious diet.

Disadvantages of SlimFast diet plan

• The plan doesn’t include seasonal fruits and vegetables and it limits the healthy cooking options.

• The diet is focused on restriction on calories with a high-protein shake but it isn’t suitable for everyone especially people with kidney and gout problems.

• It is an expensive plan that only a few could afford.

Should I try the SlimFast diet plan?

Yes, you should. It is an effective diet plan that can help in quick weight loss. And you can easily follow the diet plan with your regular activities. Also, you can discuss your diet plan with your dietician to have a better opinion on this diet plan. If you believe in research, you will find that SlimFast is the right diet plan.

Disclaimer: SlimFast diet plan isn’t regular diet plan as it involves specific meal plan. You should talk to your dietician before starting SimpleFast diet plan.

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