Kendall Jenner

Born: Kendall Jenner was born 3 November 1995 (California U.S.)

Occupation: Model, Social Media Personality, Socialite

Years Active: 2007 Present

Achievements: Four Teen Choice Awards, one IADS: The Lovie Awards, and one Daily Front Row Fashion Media Awards

Kendall Nicole Jenner, daughter of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner, is world-famous more for her beauty than her family. She began modeling at the age of 13 and went on to attain the supermodel status. There is little doubt that her family TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians helped her in establishing a firm foothold in the industry, but she attained the supermodel status with sheer hard work. Her wax figure displayed at Madame Tussauds for the London Fashion Week Experience event is testimony to her hard work.

Supermodel Status

Supermodel Status

In 2015, Forbes ranked Jenner at No. 16 on their list of top-earning models. At that time, her net worth was estimated to be US$4 million. But she soon surpassed the earning of the top-earning model for 14 years. Since 2002, Gisele Bundchen had been on the top of the Forbes list but Jenner dethroned her in 2017 and became the highest-paid model.

Kendall Jenner has good genes that keep her slim and fit always. But her fans want to know about her beauty secrets, especially her weight loss rumors. In some photographs, Jenner appeared slimmer and her fans thought that she had undergone some weight loss.

Here’s The Complete Diet And Workout Plan of Kendall Jenner

Her slender physique has made people curious about her eating habits, workouts, and lifestyle. Simply knowing that she’s one of the youngest members of the Kardashian family isn’t sufficient to know Jenner. She needs different treatment because she’s blessed with an attractive body and an intelligent mind.

About Her Diet

Kendall Jenner Diet

Kendall Jenner is popular in media where she keeps talking about her diet and lifestyle. And whatever information is available about her food habits is through her interviews with various media houses. Sometimes her trainer Gunnar Peterson also reveals secrets about Jenner’s diet.

SheFinds writes that Jenner takes avocado over eggs or a bowl of oatmeal. But Jenner isn’t specific about taking one type of breakfast. Her focus is on a healthy breakfast.

For lunch, Jenner takes brown rice with grilled chicken and veggies. Sometimes she enjoys fried chicken or pizza in moderation. These are high-calorie foods but Jenner is a little apprehensive about consuming more calories as she knows that she could burn those extra calories in her workout sessions.

Jenner keeps snacking regularly and she likes hummus and veggies and chips and guacamole most. Snacking keeps her blood sugar levels steady throughout the day.

Also, she never misses occasional treats like Twix bars and Justin’s peanut butter cups.

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Jenner said that she likes frozen yogurt so much that she eats it at least twice a week. Also, she enjoys dinner with friends at least once or twice weekly. Her outdoor dining menu mostly consists of pasta, sushi, and Margherita pizza.

Her diet includes almost everything but she once said in a Vogue video that she takes cheese in limited quantities to keep her skin clear.

Jenner drinks plenty of water every day and sometimes she drinks up to 3 liters or 12 cups of water. It keeps her body hydrated and also helps in detox.

About Her Exercise

The first thing Jenner does in the morning is exercise and she spends quality time toning her body.

She even shared her love for exercising with her fans in an interview given to Harper’s Bazaar. She said that she wakes up around 7 a.m. and spends at least exercising her body.

Gunnar Peterson her personal trainer has been an experienced fitness coach and trainer to many celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, and the Kardashians. She works with Peterson to stay lean.

In exercising, her focus remains on ab workouts, weightlifting, and bodyweight exercises like squats and planks. These exercises are good for building muscles and enhancing bone strength.

A Who What Wear article writes that Jenner prefers resistance training and she does cardio and aerobics exercises occasionally.

For fitness and strength, she also participates in workout classes including kickboxing and yoga at regular intervals.

Her fitness trainer keeps monitoring her fitness level. She follows the diet and exercise suggested by her trainer. The most important thing about her diet and exercise routine is her trust and confidence in her trainer.

Gunnar Peterson listens to her needs carefully and customizes diet and exercise plans in such a manner that they suit Jenner’s busy work schedule.

Another important factor in her diet and exercise is her hard work. Being a hard-working model, Jenner always tries to achieve perfection in both her personal as well as professional life.


You shouldn’t forget that Kendall Jenner has good genes and she only needs to shape her body to remain fit. But she never becomes careless about her fitness. She takes a high-calorie diet but she also does rigorous exercises to burn those extra calories and remains in shape.

  1. An Easy To Follow Diet

Jenner follows a flexible diet that keeps things simple. There are no strict diet rules to follow or punishment for the body. She never feels deprived of taste or nutrition because her diet consists of everything she needs to feel satisfied. Also, it is easier to follow a simple diet for the long term and avoid overeating.

  1. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is an important part of her diet. And studies have revealed that drinking more water helps in suppressing hunger pangs. Also, it reduces the normal diet. Staying hydrated has many benefits like it improves digestion and preventing muscle cramps, and fatigue.

  1. Regular Exercising
Kendall Jenner

Jenner burns whatever calories she consumes during her exercise sessions. Exercising keeps her body fit. She doesn’t get depressed or fear heart problems. Also, regular exercising keeps her free from the apprehension of developing chronic ailments.

Should You Try This?

Kendall Jenner’s diet is simple but she is assisted by a celebrity trainer. Also, she has good genes that help her stay fit all the time. If you want to follow Jenner’s diet, you should talk about this to your personal trainer.

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