Kylie Jenner talks about her beauty secrets and the reason behind using 2 shades of Mascara

Kylie Jenner has shared some beauty secrets & mascara shades to put a complete stop to all other make-up tutorials, and almost done a 11-minute video with Vogue United States that details her summer make-up look. Kylie Cosmetics, the trusted beauty brand of Jenner is estimated to be worth a billion dollars by 2020.

Here is a lesson from the beauty blog of Jenner to Vogue:

Eyes first always, and then the base

Like a professional, Jenner applies her eye make-up as the first step, and notes that a fall out from an eyeshadow could ruin your base if you do foundation before the eyes. As she wipes off the excess and moves on she says that the eyeshadow falls down and then your face will not be attractive anymore.

Kylie Jenner Beauty Secrets & Mascara Shades

Do your lips with eyes closed

Jenner bets the audience that she can line her lips with her eyes closed, taking to her pout with nude coolers. Jenner says this, before doing just that and lining her lips precisely.

Baking is everything for Jenner

The reality star says that she cannot do her make-up without baking, while applying a lighter powder to her jawline in order to set and brighten the bottom half of her face.

Jenner’s daily routine comprise of 2 shades of Mascara

Jenner goes with Dior’s Diorshow black mascara on her top lashes and reveals that she prefers brown on the bottom lashes, feeling that black is “excessive”. She feels that it is actually against the rules in the last world to mascara your lashes, but she doesn’t seem to care and adds that she had used brown on the bottom as she does not prefer too much mascara at the bottom. She feels that this just gives her more of a subtle appearance.

Is there an ongoing competition between Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty?

Though there has been plenty of speculation in the media about whether Jenner and the sisters Kim Kardashian West compete over beauty launches, Jenner just denies the same. It’s just more make-up that makes her look attractive she says before brushing on the beauty setting powder of Kim.

Jenner was really clueless if her Kylie Lip Kits would be rewarding

Jenner had a Kylie Lip Kit trademarked 2 years ago and it even launched and she was bugging her mum about it. Jenner recalls telling her mother that she wanted to do it, and about her mom telling her to stop talking about it in return. Jenner never knew till the end that her lip kits would greatly prove fruitful.

Guess this blog threw some light over the readers on enhancing your personal beauty.

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