Lavender and Sandalwood Body Scrub Review

I have been a passionate fan of Bath and Body Works products, yet lamentably, it is hard to get the majority of these here in India. Thus, this time it was a B&B orgy for me. Read on to see whether this buy lived up to my desires, as usual.

Product Description: Lavender and Sandalwood Body Scrub

The ideal scour for shower or shower, our non-oily, peeling Olive Oil Body Scrub tenderly leaves skin feeling delicate and smooth with a rich mix of regular peppermint fundamental oil and European olive oil.

Lavender and Sandlewood body scrub review


This frame wash has a grand scent. I will be capable to’t choose a novel perspective, however a beguiling, warm and toasty blend of Wild Lavender, Sandalwood, Lemon Blossom, Acai Berry (I don’t see the aspect record; however the lady on the counter claims so). It’s gentle and delightful.

Price – $ 16.50 for 8 oz. (226g).

Shell Life – 24 months


This is accessible in a dark colored shower holder, which I absolutely like. It has a sticky mark with the product primary focuses and portrayal. There isn’t any perspective record or the rest at the jug. It accompanies out external field, so don’t have another depiction of the product. The significant fortunate thing about this kind of bundling is that, you’ll have the capacity to uncover the whole product with none wastage, rather than pump containers. It’s presently not an unnecessarily substantial shower, so it’stravel-friendly as well. In any case, the one con is that, since it’s oil-based, it spills and in this manner now not a decent proposal to travel with it.

My Experience

I’ve exceptionally dry and delicate pores and skin and I avoid the utilization of cleans, since it makes my pores and skin additional dry and flaky, especially in winters. This oil-based scour in a moment stuck my eye, and I couldn’t endure to check this one.On first thoughts, it appeared like a customary home-made scour. Since it’s oil-based, the oil collects on best of the bath.

When I carted out this and washed it away, my pores and skin felt sleek, an excessively unwashed inclination. In any case, as you pat your self dry, it offers you essentially the right measure of dampness that your pores and skin wishes. It offers you the dewy, smooth feeling. Skin felt clear and on the comparative time saturated, agreeable and supple. It genuinely does the undertaking of cleaning and washing without end your skins inert cells without stripping it off. Because of the oil remainder on this one.


  • Since it’s oil-based, it washes down the surface without influencing pores and skin to dry
  • Provides profound dampness since it cleans pores and skin
  • Suitable for all pores and skin assortments, however best for dry/delicate pores and skin
  • Skin feels good, easy, and supple
  • Gentle adequate for utilize step by step
  • Smells good


  • Tub bundling
  • Size may be bigger
  • Since its oil founded, it spills and won’t be extremely valuable for travel
  • No viewpoint posting or any fundamental purposes of the product

Rating: 5/5

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