Miraculous Benefits of Tulips That You Should Know

When we talk about tulip flowers, a first thing ever comes to mind its beauty. Tulips are one of the best and popular flowers. These are a form of a genus of spring blooming plants that are usually large, brightly, and generally in red, pink, yellow or white color.

Tulips are divides into 150 various species, but more than 3000 plants naturally befalling and hereditarily cultivated worldwide. These flowers are recognized to announce spring’s season arrival.

Despite of decoration and sharing love, tulips have other way of used as well.

Have you know Tulips have medicinal, skin and health advantages too?

Tulips are not just flowers for adding beauty to nature. These are also known for giving lots of health, skin and physical advantages to human body.

Let us explore!

tulip flowers

Advantages of Tulip flowers

Medical Advantages:

  • Fights with skin infections

Tulips essential oil is widely popular in treating skin if you have rashes, insects’ bites, irritation, redness and more. Its calming effect plus antioxidant agent’s fights with free radicals thus leave beautiful skin.

  • Stress reliever

If you’re feeling headache and depression or anxiety. It will soothe your brain nerves and boost mental activity.

Skin Advantages:

  • Perfect moisturizer

According to skin’s experts, we have found Tulip’s oil has moisturizing properties that keep your skin always hydrates and protective from environmental damages. It is perfect for dry skin.

  • Use as fragrance

You can use tulip’s oil as room freshener because of its aromatic fragrance. This help to keep your room environment calm that gives a strong impact on your brain, emotional and physical health ramblingly.

Cosmetic Advantages:

  • Production of beauty products

Tulips extract is riches in moisturizing and antiseptic properties. This has been used to produce dry skin body lotions, hand lotions, and creams.

How to use Tulip flowers?

  • Take 2-3 tulip flowers.
  • Warm-up them in hot water.
  • Dip towel in water and spread petals on it.
  • Roll the towel to crush petals.
  • Apply rushed petals on your affected skin area to remove rashes and get moisture.

The Best Tulip flowers

Tulip are or many types, but here we have shared top 10 tulip that are best in fragrance and giving health advantages.

  1. Tulip Little Princess


It is one of the best tulip flowers. It is wonderful dwarf rock garden tulip with cracking plant and several stems that supporting copper orange flower. The center of a tulip is deep yellow with wild markings. The beauty of little princess tulip symbolizes True love and internal peace. It has a slight red tinge with green leaves.

  1. Lady Tulip

Tulipa Lady Tulip

This is also known as Tulipa Clusiana. This basically native to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and western Himalayas. These are a solitary, white, and broad red band on the outer side of 3 petals. It has 4-6 leaves towards the base. These flowers petals are elliptic and 3-5 cm long. These are available in yellow-red and yellow forms.

  1. Tulip Shirley

Tulip Shirley

Tulip Shirley flowers are in a lovely purple, a pink and white base color that stands out unique in the garden. These stems are strong and seamless for cut flowers. Tulip Shirley opens yellow with raspberry red highlights, as it age grows these turn into ivory white and purple. These are kindly paired with Negrita.

  1. Himalayan White Tulip

These tulips are delightful. This is beautiful white with a red outer side of petals. These flowers symbolize perfect love and peace. These simply reveals royalty. These mainly found in western Himalaya’s altitudes.

  1. Unicum Tulips

unicum tulip

These tulips are brightened orange in color. These are cup-shaped tulips with orange blooms, green leaves and creamy white edged. These usually bloom in mid-spring.

  1. Estella Rijnveld

Estella Rijnveld

It is a parrot tulip. These have ruffled petals in red and white color. This is a cup-shaped flower. The combination of red and white is awesome. It is one of eye-appealing flower in the garden.

  1. Montreux

Tulip Montreux

These flowers are just delighted to see in spring seasons. The light yellow color of these flowers cherishes your mood instantly. These flowers have a tempting fragrance that lasts for a month.

  1. Tubergen’s Gem

Tubergen’s Gem

These flowers have red outer petals and light yellow inner petals. These generally blooms bigger and look awesome. These tulips are also abbreviated as Candlestick tulips.

  1. Angelique

Angelique Tulip

This is one of the best tulips. It has soft pink and white petals. This look amazing and eye-appealing in the garden. The petals of these flowers fall into rosy pink to soft pink.

  1. Tulip Persian Pearl

Tulip Persian Pearl

It basically found in North Western Iran. It has a unique color combination rosy pink, purple, light yellow, and green stems.

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