Nivea Q10 Light Firming Anti-Aging Body Lotion

Choosing a beauty product becomes easy when you are buying a product of a familiar brand. I bought Nivea’s Q10 Light Firming Body Lotion after knowing about its anti-aging properties. But I believe that aging is a natural process that has little to do with your beauty if you are able to take care of your skin.

Let me introduce the Nivea Q10 body lotion

It is a milky white semi-liquid lotion full with nourishment for the skin. It comes out gently and feels so silky that you can’t hold it in your hands. The lotion will spread on the skin on its own and set deep inside the skin pores. Nivea is an established brand and I find no reason in doubting over its R&D and QC.

See the packing

Nivea knows how to pack 400 ML of lotion in a handy bottle. The packing is small but it doesn’t feel bulky and the bottle design keeps it convenient to hold and pour the lotion in hand and body. It has a pump that pushes the lotion up from the bottle in a hassle-free manner. But the biggest advantage of pump design is that it works as a lock for the precious lotion.

What Nivea says about its product?

The brand promises that regular use of this lotion would improve firmness and elasticity of the skin within 10 days. The product contains vitamin C that is good for skin. But I won’t endorse this claim as I don’t have any issue with firmness or elasticity of the skin.

Nivea claims that its Q10 formula can keep the skin moisturized for 48 hours. But I am using regularly after 24 hours that is after taking a shower. And I will say that it works for the most part of the day. Yes, it moisturizes skin. Nivea has made it light so that it remains suitable for all skin types.


In my opinion, the exposed body parts should get extra nourishment as they get much punishment from sunrays and pollution. I apply extra lotion over my forearms and hands and also on the neck area and calves. It is for all body but I use it selectively for the exposed parts.

Effect on aging

Nivea is selling its Q10 body lotion as an anti-aging formula and I pray it works for the women desperately looking for a reliable anti-aging cream. This product has many herbs and vitamins that will certainly help in keeping skin firm and elastic.

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