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Her achievements show that success came to Olivia Rodrigo early in her life. She won Grammies, Times named her Entertainer of the Year 2021 and Billboard named her Woman of the Year 2022. But Olivia Rodrigo was getting therapies to fight mental illness revealed in her interview.

Born: Olivia Rodrigo was born on 20 February 2003 (California, US)
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actress
Years Active: 2015-present
Achievements: A Brit Award and three Grammy Awards including Best New Artist

Was Olivia Rodrigo Mentally Ill?

Singer Olivia Rodrigo Mentally Ill

It would be an exaggeration to say that she was suffering some kind of mental illness without going through her ordeals. And she has much to share with her fans, followers, and audiences. She revealed everything about her life in interviews.

The story of her life is scattered in pieces but we are trying to bring a clear picture of her life by joining all those pieces.

Life-Changing Therapy

Life-Changing Therapy

At 18, Olivia Rodrigo has established herself as the main pop girl, has won her first VMA, and attended the Met Gala, but she still needs therapy that she started when she was just 16. And how much she likes the therapy is evident from a small incident.

Elated at the success of her song “Drivers License” at the beginning of 2021, Olivia tweeted that she couldn’t wait to tell her therapist about the record-breaking success of her song. She also received a shoutout from her therapist, Liv. And Olivia Rodrigo revealed this secret during a conversation with Interview Magazine.

CBS Sunday Morning Interview

CBS Sunday Morning Olivia Interview

The interview was aired on October 10 to conclude the Mental Illness Awareness Week from October 3 to 9. And Olivia Rodrigo opened up about her mental health journey and her life-changing therapy.

That was a really big life-changing moment said Olivia Rodrigo about her first visit to a therapist. She further maintained that she had learned so much about herself. Olivia Rodrigo also touched on the stigma around mental health during the interview.

She discussed at length how younger people had been questioned and sometimes ridiculed for seeking professional help through mental therapies.

She Said Sometimes People Were Like

Beautiful Olivia Rodrigo

People used to wonder about her getting therapy and say “Oh, you don’t need that”. They said she had so much and her life was great. They asked what her problems were. And Olivia Rodrigo said that she thought that was definitely a thing that sometimes older people could do to younger people. She said that older people thought that kids didn’t have mental problems and that kids could easily go through the problems.

She Admitted That She Had Mental Problem

Olivia Rodrigo Mental Problem

It was during an interview with Vogue Singapore that Olivia Rodrigo revealed her mental health issue. And she didn’t mince words to describe her mental problem. She said her sudden fame had taken a toll on her mentally. Sudden fame could be really tough on anyone’s mental health, said Olivia.

She further said that she was grateful to the people who liked Olivia for being Olivia and keeping her separated from all the noise. Those were the people that didn’t let her know what others are saying about her on social media. She said staying positive had always been a top priority for her.

She could see who was genuinely supporting her and who wasn’t. She said that when someone had a lot of success quickly, it can scare others and make others feel different. That was what was happening with Olivia Rodrigo during her success days. For her, that was an interesting thing to learn and she was figuring that all out.

Shedding Light On Her Childhood

Olivia Childhood

She opened up about her upbringing and her transition into a celebrity. In middle school, said Olivia, she was home-schooled so she could work on sets. Most of her childhood was spent in the company of 45-year-old men instead of kids of her age. But she had amazing friends and family that keep her grounded.

Her parents took all the craziness in the best way, said Olivia Rodrigo. They always said they were so proud of her. They also said that would be equally proud of her if she were in school in her hometown. Olivia Rodrigo said about her parents that they were the best and that was a really important attitude to have.

She Learned Many Things

Olivia Rodrigo said she was taking one step at a time to keep things simple. She further maintained that she was facing similar problems she was facing a year ago. Similarly, things she enjoyed a year ago were the same. And she takes it as an aspect of life and says that people need to learn how to deal with it. She further says that people don’t change with the aspect.

Olivia Rodrigo is a celebrity taking part in social activities to spread awareness about social issues. She knows she has influence over a large number of people. Also, she is aware of the groups that keep targeting her.

Is Olivia Rodrigo Still Taking Therapy?

Olivia Rodrigo Therapy

For Olivia, therapy has become a way of life. She doesn’t take it as a panacea for mental illness but as a learning activity where she learns to manage the stress that comes with quick success. She knows her success doesn’t go well with many people but it doesn’t mean that she should start thinking about them.

Olivia Rodrigo is thankful for all the support she gets from her family and friends. Her parents have been supportive and they are proud of her success. She is enjoying the success and social responsibilities that people expect from celebrities.

A Quick Look At Olivia Rodrigo Present Life

Olivia Present Life

The US government decided to use Olivia’s popularity to promote COVID-19 vaccinations among young people. She even met with President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other officials to discuss her efforts. CNN reported that Olivia Rodrigo would spread the message through her videos. In 2022, Glossier made her first-ever celebrity partner. She has a message for her fans but you need to wait until her next interview to get the message.

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