ORAC: What does it mean & will it help to boost immunity?

As we all know immunity is the key to live stronger and healthier in life, but due to fast-paced activities and sometimes our negligence, we have to suffer a lot especially the health issues. If you are one, who is suffering from low immunity, then don’t worry you need only kitchen ingredients to boost it.

Do you know how?

The study shows the species are highly important in our life because it has high ORAC values. The more you eat high ORAC food, the more it will boost the capacity to have oxygen in the lungs and blood. Even some facts show future immunity will be based on eating high ORAC foods. You can say it will become the heart of human beings just like an intel core processor for the computer.

What is ORAC?

ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity that used to examine the antioxidant capacity of different foods. This method is developed by scientists in the national health institute of aging to measure the antioxidants level present in food. Well, there is no exact relationship between food and ORAC values, but it is assumed that the food with higher ORAC values have higher antioxidants, which means the foods have a higher capacity to fight with free radicals, signs of ageing, and harmful bacteria’s.

As per the study of a free radical theory of ageing and disease, it is said that having high antioxidants foods can restrict the oxidative stress and free radicals that contribute to age-related disorders.

How much ORAC value a person should take?

According to the research, a person should consume optimal 3000 to 5000 and antioxidants per day. The USDA suggested an optimal intake of antioxidants would be 5000 per day. Whereas the UK’s FDA and FSA recommends 3500 antioxidants per day that can be covered eating vegetables and fruits in a day.

They also said, consuming a greater amount of antioxidants more than limit gives no stress to the body. That is because it easily wipes off by the kidney.

With more research we have found, the intake of high ORAC Values significantly gives an impact on plasma and antioxidants present in the body, which further improves the fighting capacity of the body. There are several foods that have high ORAC values that boost immunity quickly.

The list of foods which have high ORAC Values

• Pepprimemt

• Oregano

• Nuts

• Walnuts

• Beans

• Turmeric

• Gooseberries

• Apples

• Broccoli

• Basil

• Cloves

• Cinnamon

• Grain

• Cocoa

• Cabbage

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