Oshea Herbals Ayurvedic Henna Hair Pack Review

Oshea Herbals is a leading company dealing with a wide range of personal care and cosmetic products. The product range of Oshea Herbals is a blend of botanical extracts comprising of nature’s bioactive ingredients. In the following article, I will give Oshea Henna review, a hair care product from Oshea Herbals range. The product is Oshea Herbals Ayurvedic Henna Hair Pack.

Oshea Herbals Ayurvedic Henna Hair Pack is a pure blend of Henna along with traditional rare herbs from the Himalayas. These natural ingredients are known for their rich properties to enhance the growth of hairs, make them look thicker and shinier. The hair pack also good for its conditioning and moisturizing properties.

Oshea Herbal Henna Pack Review

Things you would like to know about this product: Oshea Henna review

The Oshea Herbals Ayurvedic Henna Hair Pack makes your hair luscious and silky. The product is henna based which adds up more to the quality of this hair pack. It is a solution to all of your hair problems. The use of this hair pack not only provide nourishment to your tresses but also rejuvenates lifeless, dry and dull follicles. It also improves the hair color.

Key Ingredients of This Hair Pack are –

  1. Henna. It is one of the most widely used conventional products for hair care. The use of henna dates back many centuries ago. It has amazing properties that not only colors hairs but also thickens and strengthens the follicles.
  2. Amla. A traditional source of Vitamin C which helps in repairing the damaged hairs. It also increases the shine of hairs, improves their length and quality. Also adds volume to your hairs.
  3. Neem. It provides bactericidal properties and promotes healthy hairs.
  4. Methi.
  5. Brahmi.
  6. Shikakai.
  7. Bhringraj.
  8. Hibiscus.
  9. Rakt Chandan (Red Sandalwood).
  10. Jatamashi
  11. Motha

Herbals Ayurvedic Henna Hair Pack

Rest of the herbal ingredients helps in preventing hair fall. The detailed quantities of the active key ingredients are provided on the label of Oshea Herbals Ayurvedic Henna Hair Pack.

Maximum Retail Price (MRP) –

  • For 100 grams pack – INR 75
  • For 250 grams pack – INR 175

Directions for usage – Take sufficient amount of Oshea Herbals Ayurvedic Henna Hair Pack as per the density of your hairs. Mix it thoroughly with lukewarm water. Add enough water to make a thick paste for the pack and leave it aside for 30 minutes. Now apply this hair pack gently on your hairs covering all the strands and let it dry for about an hour. Do not forget to apply it to the scalp as well. Wash it off thoroughly with fresh water. Do not use shampoo on the day of application of hair pack.

Fragrance – You can get the smell of rich rare Ayurvedic herbs and henna.

Appearance – It is of Henna color.

Texture – It comes in form of Henna powder which can be mixed with water to form a thick paste for application.

Packaging – The hair pack powder comes in a plastic cylindrical container of Henna color. The Henna colored lid is air-tight to prevent the powder from exposure to moisture. The powder comes in a pack inside the container. The labels contain the name of the products, active ingredients, directions for usage and other details.

My personal experience –

I personally liked the product because of the natural herbal ingredients present in it. The product shows its effects in the long run. I would suggest its use if your hairs are too dull and lifeless. Continuous use of this hair pack will rejuvenate your tresses. The color of my hairs is improved and they became more shiny and smooth. I would recommend you to use it if you are sensitive to chemical products.

Ratings – 4/5

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