Pamper your skin with these Beauty tips in Weekends

Weekends are the days when we all want to enjoy harder. Well, weekends are not only about eating your favorite food and enjoying with friends, but it also helps in pampering your skin and body. However, there are many dangerous factors available in city life especially from the pollution, that’s why caring about skin is essential.

On this note, we have talked with Skin expert, Plabita Sharma and she says weekends are the best way to pamper and rejuvenate skin. It is a perfect time to restore skin vitality and influence the collagen to support skin health and glow.

Pamper your skin

Many people think having good skin is only because of good DNA, but it is not a matter of concern. Your daily habits and skin regime can help to restore your natural complexion. So, how you can do this?

In this, we will show you the best beauty regime that you should follow every weekend and enjoy the best and gorgeous skin forever.

Special Note- Follow the beauty tips every weekend and I am sure you will love this. If you are thinking, this is just a one-step remedy, then you’re wrong. Be consistent and feel the real changes.

1. Take Hot Bath

Take Hot Bath

To relax your muscles it is vital to have a hot bath once in a week. Moreover, the hot bath is best for the immune system and protecting your skin from skin infections. You can add lavender or coconut oil for feeling great aroma. This also gives you a feeling that you are king or queen.

2. Eat antioxidants

Try to eat antioxidants on weekends instead of fried or street food. Having antidextrans in your body allow your skin to breathe that clean pores and better the communication between connective tissues. Add oranges, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and green veggies in your diet.

3. Use a charcoal face wash or mask

Use a charcoal face wash or mask

Deep cleansing for skin is essential, so make sure you have applied charcoal face wash or mask to cleanse pores and remove damaged skin from the face. This helps to give you a skin radiant glow and a fair complexion. Whereas face mask can help to improve the overall appearance of the face, it is just like giving your skin a Spa treatment.

4. Do scrub

To fight with skin damage and peel off damage skin cells, doing scrubbing at the weekend can let your skin look clear, radiant, and beautiful. This gently helps your skin to stay soft and smooth.

5. Hydrate skin with an overnight mask

For smooth and supple skin, it is vital to keep the PH level of skin balance. You should drink plenty of water in a day (8-10 glasses) or use a hydrating mask that naturally reduces the signs of aging and keep your skin ready for regular activities.

Final Words

No matter what your skin type is. Caring and following proper skin regime can help your skin to look radiant and glowing in every season. Apply these given tips and feel the real beauty!

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