Rebel Wilson’s Diet Plan – Lose 35 Pounds In Just A Few Months

Rebel Wilson, the comedy star, was proud of her fat body. She started her journey to comedy with the SBS comedy series Pizza and then appeared in the sketchy comedy series, The Wedge. Also, she produced a successful musical comedy series Bogan Pride. But it was just a start as she had many tasks to accomplish. Let’s discuss the Rebel Wilson weight loss journey and diet plan.

Her Personality

Rebel Wilson was a plus-size actress but she had no complex about her fat body. On the contrary, she said that she got the first opportunity to appear on the silver screen because of her fat body. But she decided to lose weight after some time.

Motivation For Rebel Wilson Weight Loss & Diet Plan

Motivation For Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson got motivation for weight loss only to shed the extra inches she had got due to her poor eating habits. She loves her body and wants to keep it in a good shape and healthy. She decided to lose some extra pounds to maintain her body in good shape.

The Biggest Hurdle In Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson is a foodie and she proudly says that she loves eating food. She feels as if she is always eating good food. She eats when she is happy and also when she is sad. Food is her drug but she turned the food into her strength to lose weight.

Rebel Wilson Healthy Diet

Calorie Counting Is A Bad Idea

Rebel Wilson Healthy Diet Plan

The first thing Rebel Wilson did in her diet plan was to stop counting calories and started focusing on consuming more dietary fibers. In other words, she increased the consumption of dietary fibers per day. And the reasons she gives for discontinuing counting calories are as follows:

a) Calorie counting doesn’t give an accurate figure of the nutritional value of food items. You never know how much nutrition you are missing by missing doses.

b) Calorie counting makes people more conscious about calorie numbers and encourages them to avoid even healthy food. Since they count calories, they miss nutrition.

Snacks Are Healthy

It was difficult for Rebel Wilson to ditch her snacks as they were fat-laden and unhealthy according to her dietician. But she didn’t mind replacing those unfriendly snacks with a healthy diet that includes:

• Cashews, almonds, and Brazil nuts
• Celery and Apple Cider Vinegar
• Celery, carrot, and almond butter
• Chicken breast with olive oil and guacamole
• Zucchini chips with vegetable hummus
• Carrot and cucumber with guacamole

These are some of the healthy snacks Rebel Wilson relied upon to suppress her hunger pangs. And it worked well for her. The snacks gave her the power to keep going and losing pounds.

While tweaking her diet gave her some respite from excess weight but just ditching food and eating healthy wasn’t enough to lose 30 pounds and Rebel Wilson knew this well. Switching to a healthy diet was her first step in the right direction and the time was ripe to take the second step that was to increase her body metabolism.

Complete Workout Plan

In April 2015, Rebel Wilson surprised her fans with her picture in which she was looking much healthier than she was ever before. Her tight clothes and raised fist showed that she was happy to lose weight. She had a backpack on her bag, sunglasses to protect her eyes from direct sun rays, and a maroon cap matching with the t-shirt.

Rebel's Workout Plan

She posted that picture on her Instagram profile with an eye-catchy caption. She wrote that she had just finished 4 fantastic days at #TheRanch4.0. She further wrote that that was very challenging but was very rewarding as well. She also thanked the support she received from the staff especially from masseuses. The workout plan included free daily massages.

In another picture, Rebel Wilson is seen with her tennis rackets and the team. The picture proves that she was determined to increase her workout and lose weight. When she had time, she did what she liked most like jogging, hiking, and playing tennis. She frequently went on hiking tips to lose more weight.

When she had nothing to do outside, she used to go to a gym to continue her exercises. And she worked hard at least 3-4 days a week and 30 minutes a day in a gym. Her objective was to keep her working and burning fat all the time. She wanted to burn whatever she consumed to prevent fat from clinging back to her body.

Rebel Wilson With Tennis Rackets

Rebel Wilson proved that anyone can lose weight with hard work and motivation. Today this 37-year Australian star has become a motivation for many others. Also, she’s tips for others who also want to lose weight

Weight Loss Tips By Rebel Wilson

Stick To Your Guns

Weight Loss Tips

Rebel Wilson is a foodie but she switched to a healthy meal like celery and hummus to lose weight. But it doesn’t mean that you should abstain from your favorite food items. You can still enjoy a cheat meal but you will have to earn it.

For example, you can have a cheat meal on the seventh day, if you have adhered to your healthy diet for six days. A quick cheat meal won’t derail your weight loss program if you can earn it.

Drinking Water Is The Key To Success

Increasing your water consumption would keep you hydrated in addition to helping in losing weight. But you shouldn’t drink water mindlessly. Drinking a cup of water every hour is sufficient to stay hydrated and prevent hunger pangs.

When you are thirsty but you don’t drink water, your body could misread the signal for water to be a signal for food resulting in consuming more food. But you can prevent it from happening to you by drinking plenty of water.

Have Confidence

Love your body and its shape. Love every inch of your skin and take care of your body. Eat healthily, sleep well, groom yourself, and take a break to de-stress your body and mind. Also, keep busy by learning new skills. You should have the confidence that you can lose weight and bring your body into the right shape.

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