Rihanna’s Top 10 Hottest Pictures To Date

Rihanna is a Barbadian singer better known for her style and image. Music is her first love but the media also takes her fashion seriously. In 2009, New York magazine published a picture of her with the caption “a cookie-cutter teen queen”. The magazine further said that she could shift her looks dramatically and with much ease.

The singer also keeps changing her fashion, especially hairstyles with her songs. She’s a prolific singer, actress, and businesswoman, but here we’ll discuss only her fashion and the things she does to stay fit and attractive.

Here I’m sharing some pics of Rihanna to prove no matter what the occasion is, the singer always manages to spice up her outfits by showing off some skin.

Let’s Start….

  1. Rihanna Was Spotted In Deep Blue Adidas And Balenciaga At Giorgio Baldi!
Rihanna Was Spotted In Deep Blue Adidas And Balenciaga At Giorgio Baldi!

Draped in all-blue Adidas and Balenciaga, Rihanna is headed to Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica. And she looks quite stunning in this all-blue outfit with a matching purse and over-the-knee-boot. To spice up the dress, the singer has left her cleavage open. Also, you can see the expensive necklace with matching earrings. She also has light makeup except for red lips. Rihanna is dressed up for an Italian dinner at Giorgio Baldi with her friends. According to the media, her gang dined at the restaurant for 4 hours.

  1. Rihanna Hits Ups Bristol Farms
Rihanna Hits Ups Bristol Farms

Bristol Farms is an upscale grocery store chain in California and it has been a favorite hangout for celebrities that keep visiting the place for shopping. While there could be more celebrities around, the paparazzi couldn’t resist the temptation of capturing Rihanna in a black DMX swear shirt. But what is more tempting in the picture are her beautiful legs. The paparazzi caught her walking through the parking lot with a smile on her face. She even flashed a peace sign for the camera with her fingers.

  1. Killer knee-high leather boots for a night out in NYC
Killer knee-high leather boots for a night out in NYC

The knee-high leather boots match perfectly with the grey top and jacket. But here these boots look like her second skin. Also, they look killer. Rihanna is headed for the Rolling Loud Festival afterparty. It is a night out in NYC and the singer will enjoy singing and dancing with her fans all night. Here she’s seen in full makeup with dark brown lips, a bangs hairstyle and an expensive necklace with matching earrings.

  1. Rihanna At The Presidential Inauguration Ceremony In Barbados
Rihanna At The Presidential Inauguration Ceremony In Barbados

Rihanna is a “national hero” in her native country, Barbados. Recently the island nation celebrated the declaration of its republic. Rihanna visited Barbados to participate in the ceremony and it is needless to say that she looked stunning in the slinky orange Bottega Veneta dress. It is in this ceremony that she was titled a “national hero”. Also, everyone praised her orange dress.

  1. Rihanna In NYC
Rihanna In NYC

Rihanna needs no schooling when it comes to fashion as she better knows how to improve her overall look even when she’s wearing minimum makeup and jewelry. Here she’s spotted in a plunging V-neck Harley Davidson bandana top with a pair of ripped jeans over red sweatpants. And she looks stunning in this dress. She’s left her cleavage and hands uncovered to showcase her necklace and makeup. In makeup, she’s put more focus on her lips and the million-dollar smile over the dark red lips.

  1. Rihanna In A Plunging Pink Dress
Rihanna In A Plunging Pink Dress

It’s a plunging pink dress and Rihanna looks younger, energetic, and sexy in this dress. And there is much that can be said about this dress but what makes this dress so beautiful is its revealing design. I would say that this picture is a nice blend of natural beauty with a beautiful dress. The thigh-high split of the dress allows Rihanna to flaunt her beautiful skin. To further improve her look, Rihanna has worn matching jewelry and thrown matching heels and a furry hat.

  1. Rihanna Posts The Ultimate Bikini Selfie
Rihanna Posts The Ultimate Bikini Selfie

Now, look at the natural beauty of Rihanna. I found this pic while looking for hot images of the singer and I must say that it is stunning. When I dug deep into the history, I found that Rihanna posted this selfie ahead of her “Diamond World Tour”. Rihanna sunbathing in a yellow bikini with red prints looks her best. This picture reveals her curves and dark skin tone. Also, she’s wearing a beautiful smile on her face.

  1. Rihanna On Esquire Magazine Cover
Rihanna On Esquire Magazine Cover

Another hot pic of Rihanna is found on the cover page of Esquire magazine. In 2011, the singer/actress was named “sexiest woman alive” and it was that time that she graced the cover page of the leading fashion magazine. Rihanna looks much younger in the picture. Also, the picture can be called the hottest of all other pics. Since Rihanna is a celebrity, it is common for her to do photo shoots for brands, but this picture is different as it shows her in a sexy pose.

  1. Rihanna in a White Long Dress
Rihanna in a White Long Dress

Who says that Rihanna doesn’t experiment with her looks? This picture shows how much she loves experimenting with her dresses and styles. It is a long white dress that doesn’t need any jewelry or even any accessory because it reveals the skin and no jewelry or accessory can match the shine of the skin. But she’s trimmed and colored her hair to look complete. Also, she never forgets to fill her plump lips with red color. The picture is taken at Grammy Awards and she looks stunning in the pic.

  1. Rihanna’s Full-Body Glow Look
Rihanna’s Full-Body Glow Look

I think this picture deserves to be on the list of the top 10 hottest pics of Rihanna. It is a gold dress and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that the singer looks the hottest in this dress. One more thing is that this dress doesn’t need accessories. Her naturally black hair looks like an accessory as it matches well with the dress.

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