Sofia Vergara Has A Sweet Tooth And She Hates Workout

Sofia Vergara luscious locks, clean face, and toned body defies her age, due to her diet and exercise plan. She’s 48 but looks much younger than she is. And it proves why she’s a popular face on television especially in the ABC comedy series Modern Family.

Sofia’s journey to stardom….

Sofia Vergara is a Columbian-American mode, actress, presenter, and television producer. Also, she’s been the highest-paid actress on American television from 2013 to 2020. Sofia also worked in many movies and has voice-over roles in animated movies. Also, she was among the judges in America’s Got Talent.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Sofia Vergara was blessed with an attractive face and beautiful body as she was introduced to modeling by a photographer who spotted her on a Colombian beach. Soon Sofia Vergara was surprised with modeling offers and today she’s the most successful television personality of American television.

Sofia Vergara is a beauty icon for many….

Sofia Vergara, 48, continues to grow her visual appearance and acceptance each day. She’s a mature woman confident of her modeling and acting skills. Also, she inspires women of her age to get a curvaceous body and flawless complexion.

Sofia Vergara happily shares her beauty secrets like her exercise schedule, makeup, and diet plan.


Sofia Vergara Workout

A surprising thing about her workout plan is that she never liked the workout. And Sofia Vergara has accepted that she isn’t a workout person and that she needs supervision, to be honest to her workout sessions but you should adhere to your workout sessions.

Let’s check the strength of Sofia Vergara

Committed to workout, Sofia Vergara never misses her workout. She knows how important it for her toned body and for this reason, she continues with her workout sessions two or three times a week.

She loves water activities especially swimming more than anything. Her workout session includes 1 hour of weight and cardio twice or thrice a week. But she prefers Pilates, yoga, and even dancing. She also loves reverse crunches and practices them regularly.


Sofia Vergara Makeup

Sofia Vergara once said that she considers Sofia Loren her beauty icon. She also shared a secret that she never steps out without makeup even when it is simply blushing her cheeks. Here it can be said that Sofia Vergara is a true fashion-conscious model.

Sofia Vergara likes Cover girl Lash blast 24-hour mascara most. It isn’t that she doesn’t try others but she likes this brand more than others. Similarly, she prefers the Cover girl queen collection eye shadow in hot coffee. Sofia is blessed with blonde eyelashes for which she needs a better mascara that can highlight her lashes.

It is these two cosmetics that improve her red-carpet look. She’s seen wearing loads of mascara, eyeliner, and darker eye shadows. And she knows how to wear mascara and eye shadows.

Crème de la Mer is a gem for her and, for this reason, Sofia Vergara keeps this cosmetic in little containers that are safe for the cosmetic and handy to carry along. And she always carries this gem while traveling.

Sofia Vergara is quite sensitive about her hair and this is evident from the fact she washes her locks daily. She blow-dries her tresses and brushes them regularly to make them look thicker.

Sofia Vergara Diet Plan

Sofia Vergana Diet Plan

Sofia Vergara has a sweet tooth and she always struggles to limit her sweet cravings. In sweet, she likes all desserts including macaroons and cakes. Chicken, fish, and turkey are her regular diet but she avoids taking red meat. Similarly, she has placed a limit on her wine intake.

Sofia Vergara takes five meals a day but she can’t stop indulging herself in confectionary items. She’s made a balanced diet plan to keep prevent overeating. But she has made sure that she gets the energy she needs to keep going.

• Her day starts with a sumptuous breakfast consisting of fresh juicy fruits, raw vegetables rich with nutrients, and tasty fruit drinks for good health and all-day energy.

• In snacks, she takes dairy products but her preference is always for sweet items.

• Just like breakfast, she takes a fulfilling lunch that includes pasta or lean proteins.

• After lunch, she takes the second snack of the day, and the second time she prefers fresh fruits or oatmeal with a glass of juice.

• Sofia Vergara always takes light dinner that can help her rest and relax. Her dinner diet is low on carb meals.

• Being a health-conscious person, Sofia Vergara takes care of her hydration. She drinks lots of water to stay hydrated especially while traveling.

Secret Tip

Sofia Vergara Secret Tips

Sofia Vergara always wears lipstick and her mother has advised her to do so. Her mother told her that using lipstick had a good impression on others. Also, she is a Latina girl and she’s been watching her mother using lipstick since her teens.

Sofia Vergara tries getting multiple effects with her makeup kit. For example, she uses lipstick for blush, brow filler for eye shadow, and smudged mascara for eyeliner. But one needs to be an expert to do multitasking with makeup.

Cancer survival

Cancer Survival

In 2000, Sofia Vergara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer due to which she had her thyroid removed. For complete recovery, she also took radioiodine therapy. Also, she’s been advised to take medicines to prevent hypothyroidism.

Sofia Vergara said that cancer changed her life completely. The disease taught her a difficult lesson that is to love her body. She said she loved her body more than ever after getting recovered from cancer. Today, Sofia Vergara follows a healthy life to maintain her health.

Sofia Vergara is 48 but she continues to inspire women of her age. She has a toned body but she is also a cancer survivor. She leads a busy life but she never forgets her workouts. Also, she keeps a tab over cravings for sweets.

If you want to make a curvaceous and toned body like Sofia Vergara, then you should go through her lifestyle like diet and exercise plan and try changing your lifestyle to get a beautiful figure.

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