Sunny Leone’s Beauty Secrets

Sunny Leone is a popular actress known for her hot figure and movies. She took a Bollywood industry to tempest for her strong connection with the audience through solid entrainment. Her former name was karenjit Vohra and now she is called as a bombshell.

She got huge attention in Bigg Boss and started her film carrier with commercial movies Jism, Jackpot, Eh paheli Leela and more. All were recorded as hit films and her carrier went to the next level.

Her admired believe she has the $exiest body in the Indian film industry. Sunny takes care of her figure a lot. She is very serious for her workout. She goes to the gym thrice a week.

Maintain curvy body not easy as you think. She is strict with her diet and workout. Her fans liked her much. If you’re interested in checking out how she maintains her hot figure. Readout her workout and diet plan below.

Sunny Leone’s workout routine

Sunny got her training from the Bollywood gym trainer Prashant Sawant. She does workout thrice a week and does yoga, Pilates, trade mill and more. She invests her 45 minutes for a workout.

Sunny prefers HIIT workout for fat loss, cardio for better strength and health. She also does spinning workout for burn cellulite and keep butt and thighs toned.

Sunny do squats, lunges, and push-ups for legs. She also does yoga for 30 minutes for calming mind and body. On her rest days, she does yoga, Pilates and cardio to keep her body flexible and healthy.

Sunny Leone’s Diet plan

Sunny loved to eat less to stay in shape. She avoids junk food and opts for healthy food only. She eats healthy fruits, nuts and drink juice for high nutrition for the body. She divided her meal plan in small quantities.

In breakfast, she eats toast and eggs with a glass of milk.  In lunch, she prefers to eat salad, green vegetables, and organic foods. In dinner, she eats fruits and low carb food.

Sunny Leone Health tips for every woman

    She suggests all ladies drink plenty of water in a day to keep the body hydrated.

    To cool down body in summer, coconut water is important

    Always eat less salt in a food

    Start your day with every 20 minutes’ walk

    Avoid junk food and eat healthily

This diet and workout plan of sunny is certified by her trainer. If you want to attain a hot body as like sunny follow this plan and get ready to look hot.

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