Plus-Size Women Should Follow Ashley Graham’s Health Tips

Ashley Graham is an American model and television presenter but she is more popular for her advocacy for body positivity and the Health at Every Size movements. She is the first plus-size model to be featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Also, she was described as “bringing size acceptance into the mainstream” by Glamour on its cover. Her cellulite pictures on Instagram won praises from women.

Is Ashley Graham Obese?

In an interview with Vogue, she said that she had used her body as a tool to talk about taboo subjects, such as cellulite or lower belly fat. She also said that she thought that her body changed the lives of many people. Graham doesn’t prefer calling “plus-size” because she thinks that when one uses this word they put all those women in a category. It is like saying “you don’t eat well, you don’t work out, you’re insecure, and you’ve no confidence”. She further said that the fashion industry could label her as ‘plus-size’, but she likes to think of it as ‘her size’.

Recently Ashley Graham posted a few pictures in which she looked slimmer. And it started a debate about whether Ashley Graham is following a weight loss diet. Her fans as well as critics are eager to know about her diet and exercises.

Ashley Graham’s Diet

Ashley Graham’s Diet

Ashley could be obese for her critics but her fans know very well that she follows a healthy diet. Her diet … Read more