The Iraqi Makeup Artist Gets Seriously trolled after posting a coronavirus makeup look

We all know Coronavirus is a deadly disease that has spread all over the world. Scientists saying this disease enters the third stage and it is estimated it will kill more people. This news depressed everyone because the whole world is suffering from pandemic shut down.

Apart from all this anxiety, the Fatima Aldewan, a social media personality gets trolled after sharing her makeup video on coronavirus. She belongs to UAE and received a lot of negative comments at her hashtag video coronavirus makeup tutorial. Fatima is a well-known makeup artist in UAE. She always posts her makeup tutorial videos to influence her 80k followers.

Iraqi Makeup Artist Gets

A few days back, she posted her another makeup tutorial on coronavirus with a caption, which has got more than 80,000 views. In her video, she first puts her mouth mask and starts doing her makeup via step-by-step instructions.

It was the very first time, a video got 500 comments in a few minutes. She has received a lot of bad comments and even some are saying her heartless. Apart from this, some have also asked her beauty questions and the purpose of sharing this video.


A light on the user’s comments

One said you are such an insensitive person. People are dying and you are taking fun by sharing this tutorial. It’s shameful.

Others said, wow even the coronavirus has makeup trends. How … Read the rest