10 Kolam Designs For 2023 Pongal

Pongal is a four-day harvest festival starting January 14. Primarily it is celebrated in Tamil Nadu but in modern India, it is celebrated across the country. While the agrarian community celebrates the festival in villages, the modern families working in IT companies, doing business in other states, and government servants celebrated the festival where they live.

History Of Pongal

Devoted to the Sun god, it marks the beginning of a six-month-long journey northwards (the Uttrayanam). The festival dates back to 2,000 years when the entire community was agrarian and people used to worship the Sun god to bless them with a good harvest that they can sell in the market and get a good return.

The Importance Of Pongal

The real meaning of the festival is to forget the past and look forward to the future. The Sun god travels northwards and gives sunshine. The Sun shows the way to go forward. It is a four-day festival that people celebrate with much zeal and fervor.

The celebrations start with welcoming god to homes. Families decorate their homes with flowers to welcome the gods. It is day one when the preparations are made for the following days. The first day is reserved only to welcome the deity.

The second day is for puja or a ritual where everyone is involved in worshipping the deity. It is a big festival hence people take leaves from their work. They remain in their homes to perform the special puja. The puja starts early in the morning and continues till midday.

The third day is for playing with colors. But it isn’t a Holi-like celebration. People color their cattle with different colors. Sometimes they compete with each other in coloring … Read more