6 Ways To Treat Shingles At Home

Chickenpox is a viral disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus. While the infection can be treated with vaccination and medicines, the virus continues to remain dormant in the body and causes shingles when activates. People above 50 years of age with a history of chickenpox have more chances of the virus becoming active again.

The painful rashes that can appear anywhere on your body like a stripe of blisters especially on your neck, face, or torso are shingles. And these rashes could make life difficult until they dry down.

Shingles develop in three stages

First Stage: Prodromal Phase

• Headache
• The emergence of small patches with pain and burning sensation
• Discomfort
• Photophobia

Second Stage: Acute Phase

• The emergence of fluid-filled blisters
• Red patches
• The appearance of rashes on one side of the torso, face, and ears

Third Stage

Luckily most people suffering from shingles don’t experience the third stage which is the most complicated stage of shingles.

• Rashes in the eyes
• Nerve fibers and the brain are affected
• Severe pain in the ears, loss of taste, and dizziness
• Subsequent bacterial infections

Causes And Risk Factors

• History of chickenpox
• Aging
• HIV/AIDS and cancer
• Certain treatments
• Medicines like steroids

The rashes last for 7-10 days and heal completely in 4 weeks but the healing time and quality of healing could vary from one person to another. Also, shingles could appear again, if … Read more